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What Our Future World Holds

Updated on November 4, 2013

Living in a Crystal Dome

What Does the Future Hold for Us

In his "Utopia", taken from the Greek, in 1516, Sir Thomas More shows us the ideal way of life. As human beings, we all have the right to predict our futures, be they good or bad, and for many. I would like to think that I am an optimist and my idea of what the future world will be like may be totally different from many much more gifted and intelligent folks. Never the less, I do wish to share my predictions. What I see from being an observer of history and past civilizations, is a world in which we, as creatures of habit, but driven for the will to survive, will someday make all the right decisions concerning what is the best kind of life for all concerned.

Although we had a rocky start(no pun intended) our civilization as we know it, will see the right way in which we can all survive against the magnitude of unfavorable forces that bombard us on a daily basis here on this planet. We will not fall prey anymore to the storms that raged, the sun that caused skin cancer, the environment that once caused many to die from pollutants, and many other dangerous sources of a fatal nature, because we will have learned to adapt and prevent our exposure to these bad factors. How would we avoid these terrible forces of nature and even old problems that we may have been responsible for, you might ask? How would we get along as neighbors and respect one another and each's forms of culture and religion?

Picture in your mind, the beauty of crystal domes encompassing miles of landscape beneath their expansive canopies. Within this dome of the future is people and houses and trees and creatures ,both great and small. We may see all of the familiar surroundings that we have today, yet there it will be, sitting pretty, right out there in the future of us all. Of course there will be modern buildings too. High towering structures of all kinds of architecture, beyond any imaginations that we now may be able to conjure up in our minds. There may well be odd looking automobiles that are being propelled by who knows what form of new energy. I'm sure that with all the bright and fantastic brains that our future children will be endowed with, we will have some of the most amazing forms of transportation and energy sources that will boggle the minds , just as the discovery of electricity and the combustible engine have done. Here we will have ideal lives and we will all get along and respect one another.

We will have laws , just as we have always had, but there will be less law breakers,because we will have learned over the ages that goodness and respect is the best way in which to live. There will be religion of each denomination there, and all will get along and have the utmost respect for each's own forms. The outside will be visible to every beholder and the life giving rays of the sun will be as available as they have always been. We will not be faced with bad weather, storms in any form, too much sun if we don't want it, and any outside force that may have once been a threat to our lives, will be shielded from us forever under our domes. It will be a life lived like this all over the entire world and there will never have to be worry over neighboring countries, because we will be in cooperation with all of the laws and in contact with them so that we may share our technology and lives.

A Utopia, or wonderful way of life, awaits us as human beings in our futures. What we have to do right now in this life we have, is to make the most of each day we have been given, and know that some day a better world awaits us, we have just got to all pull together for the common good and live in GOODNESS. History has told us that the bad and greedy world of the past centuries have only led to destruction and this only impedes our civilization's development and a better way of life for us all.

We have proven that we have the ability to conquer gravity and explore the realm of space.We have made fantastic improvements in technology and our inventiveness has been exceptional. We have got to make the most of our ability and use it for the good of everyone alive on this planet. This will decide what limits we may exceed and what fantastic voyages we will begin as a strong and determined human race, one that was meant to survive.


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    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 5 years ago from United States

      I hope that 2012 worry warts will share this hub and enjoy its content!Our world will not end on 2012, nor any time soon. We have many years ahead of us all and our children. We do have to pitch in and help one another and share in the common good.

    • Paradise7 profile image

      Paradise7 6 years ago from Upstate New York

      A very hopeful look into a possible future for us all. Thank you for posting this.