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Our Ghost In Residence

Updated on March 17, 2014
front step
front step | Source

Personal story by awordlover

My husband and I met in 1975.

We started out as most couples in a small apartment, then gradually moved up to a two bedroom apartment (hoping for children) and finally moved into a house in the hopes that children would shortly follow.

What followed us was not what we had hoped for.

In every abode my husband and I have ever lived in - be it apartment, house, or vacation home - we have had a ghost that followed us from place to place. Our ghost has never been scary and we have never seen it. However, we do hear it all the time.

I can't even say if it is male or female - we just don't know.

A ghost in residence
A ghost in residence | Source

The story continued by awordlover

What started out with lights turning on or off, proceeded to door slamming in the DiGeorge home. Car keys were mysteriously being relocated from the shelf at the front door to the kitchen table which was two rooms away. Mail that had been brought into the house and left on the kitchen table somehow found its way back into the mailbox.

Since it was only my husband and I living there, and neither of us had moved the keys, turned on or off the lights, put the mail back in mailbox or slammed the doors, we could only conclude that we had a ghost. I was always very accepting that a ghost had followed us, but my husband did not come to that acceptance until we were married quite a while.

Baby as a new puppy, growling at "something"
Baby as a new puppy, growling at "something" | Source
Baby, in later years, one bark and the noise stopped
Baby, in later years, one bark and the noise stopped | Source

The DiGeorge Pet Alarm

They say that animals are more sensitive to ghosts than humans, and I believe that they are. In my childhood we had many cats and dogs but I never really noticed their reactions one way or the other.

Since I married, we have only ever had one dog in all these years - a miniature doberman pinscher - minipin. Baby came into our home at 6 weeks of age and our sons were 14 and 15 years old. From the first night we got him (where I had to sit up in a rocking chair with him that first night because he cried and cried whenever I put him in his puppy bed), this dog knew there was something or someone else in the house that he couldn't see (or maybe he could?) but it was a definite presence. In the beginning, he would just bark a lot at what seemed to be nothing and then when we told him there was nothing there, he would give up. As he got older, when a door would bang, or the lights would go out, Baby would pick up his head from his typical reclining position laying in front of the television, and let out one bark and lay back down again. As if to say, cut it out, we all know you are here, you don't have to slam the door and scare me out of a sound sleep.

After Baby died

Sadly, we had to put Baby to sleep on March 29, 2011. Even though he is gone from our lives, our ghost is still here.

For the first month after Baby was gone, the DiGeorge ghost was quiet. As we started to come out of our funk here, our ghost seemed to have recovered as well. He was back to his door slamming, key jingling, and turning on our lights. The only thing that is different in the past year as far as ghost activity is that he now turns on the television and puts the remote on the opposite end table than the one we keep it on. Baby enjoyed sleeping with the television on and as soon as it was turned off, he would get up and go sleep in one of our beds. We think the ghost activity with the television has to do with Baby's interaction with the television.

Moving to a new home - awordlover's experience

It is now 37 years later and we have lived in 7 homes and the ghost has followed us to each home. Our two grown sons live with us (age 29 and 30) and are very comfortable with the fact that there is "something hanging around our house" but they are not willing to label it "ghost." If and when they EVER leave home, I'll be interested to see if our ghost leaves us and follows them.

Update: July 2012. We moved to Florida a month ago. One son came with us and one son bought his own home. The DiGeorge ghost followed us to Florida. Our son in Pennsylvania has had no ghostly incidents.

Ghost from my childhood home

Although my husband and I now seem comfortable with our mysterious happenings, this was not my first introduction to the idea of a ghost. As a child, living in my parents' home, we also had a resident ghost.

Sporadically until age 13, I lived in many foster homes. Never once did a ghost follow me from home to home. However every time I returned to my parents' home, our ghost was there. I say "our" because our ghost was not partial to any one family member - he was comfortable around each of the family members.

beer cases ready to be returned to the beer distributor
beer cases ready to be returned to the beer distributor | Source

Childhood mischievous ghost

From age 6, it was my "job" to lock the front and back doors by doorknob lock and deadbolt before I went upstairs to bed. I was religious about it -not obsessive compulsive exactly. Let's just say that my motivation was governed more by parent punishment if I didn't take care of my "job."

My two brothers were a year apart in age - we were all born within 30 months. They had similar "jobs" of turning out all the lights in the downstairs, putting empty beer bottles back in the case for return to the beer distributor when new purchases were made, and making sure the kitchen trash was emptied of the day's trash and putting in a clean trash liner before going to bed. My parents having already gone upstairs after the eight o'clock television shows (no TV's in the bedrooms in those days), they kept a small refrigerator in their bedroom so that they didn't have to go downstairs to the kitchen to get ice cubes, soda, or beer. It was always well stocked.

modified by adding words "good night"
modified by adding words "good night" | Source

Childhood nights

I can remember nights when my parents had retired to their room, having already imbibed large quantities of alcoholic beverages since coming home from work, when my father would yell from their bedroom asking if each child had done their job. Each one of us would answer from our respective bedrooms.

It was not exactly a "Walton's" moment -- good night JohnBoy, good night Mama, good night Daddy -- but it was a nightly ritual nonetheless.

front door with deadbolt lock
front door with deadbolt lock | Source

The Family Joke

Many was the night that we could see from our bedrooms one of the living room lights go on.

Or getting awaken from a sound sleep in the middle of the night to the sound of the front door slamming loud when it had been locked and deadbolt by me.

And sometimes when we came downstairs in the morning, the front door would be wide open. Or the kitchen trash bag that had been tied up and new liner replaced, had mysteriously reappeared with trash strewn across the kitchen floor.

And my father would proceed to yell at each child for lying about doing our "job" and physical punishment followed shortly after.

About a year after our ghost was making its presence known, my father started to joke that we had a ghost, especially since he began double checking us to see if our jobs were done. My mother never took it seriously, she just went along my father's joking attitude.

perfectly lined up beer bottles
perfectly lined up beer bottles | Source

Personal experience by awordlover

One day, my father had come downstairs to get his juice and coffee before dashing out the door to work and the beer bottles that my brother had taken down to the cellar to replace in the empty case for return, had mysteriously reappeared in the kitchen all lined up in a row on the kitchen table.

There were dozens of bottles, all with labels facing front, perfectly lined up.

My mother didn't get up until an hour later every morning, rushed us out the door to school and then left to get the bus for work. She enjoyed that extra hour sleep every morning. One was prudent to not disturb her for any reason.

My father was not prudent that day.

Ghosts! | Source

Disbelieving Mother

He ran up the stairs to their room and hollered that she had to be the one that was "playing ghost" because he had come downstairs not three hours before to investigate why the kitchen light had been left on and the kitchen table did not have the beer bottles lined up at that time.

Well, she landed in to him, telling him that he was crazy and that he had taken this "ghost joke" far enough. She never believed in ghosts and wasn't believing any of our stories. She was a very sound sleeper all her life and drinking so much liquor before bed only made her sleep more sound. She never witnessed the lights going on or heard doors slamming.

key rack by the front door
key rack by the front door | Source

The Resident Ghost

When I was 13, my parents legally separated and my father left our house. My brothers and I continued living in the house with my mother. The ghost also remained.

What my mother attributed to "house noises" we kids knew it was the ghost. When I left home, my brothers were still living there and would tell me the ghost was still very much in residence. Their keys would not be on the key rack by the front door where they left them. Their favorite bottled drink would be on the kitchen table, empty of liquid. One brother would come home from work many days to find that his bed would be unmade whereas he had made it before going out the door that morning.

Do not copy this article. It is my personal experience. Thank you.

This logo means if you DO copy, a DMCA notice of copyright infringement will be filed against you.
This logo means if you DO copy, a DMCA notice of copyright infringement will be filed against you. | Source

But my mother never chimed in with the general opinion that we had a resident ghost.

Years later, after my parents and brothers died, the house was sold. I often wonder if the new people inherited our ghost.

© 2011 Anne DiGeorge

Updated by Rachael O'Halloran to replace pixelated copyscape logos, provide attribution for photos and correct format issues.

© 2012 awordlover


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  • awordlover profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago

    TYVM hoteltravel. :-)

  • hoteltravel profile image


    6 years ago from Thailand

    This was really interesting to read. Especially since I don't believe in ghosts. If it were just unaccounted sounds, we can attribute it to imagination. But moving things around - I don't know what to make of it. Good that the ghost was not scary. Voted up and interesting.

  • awordlover profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago

    I don't know the answer to that. I've always had some kind of presence around me since I was little, so maybe I would miss that feeling. The door slamming and other I wouldn't miss that. LOL

  • wetnosedogs profile image


    6 years ago from Alabama

    Perhaps the ghost is keeping you in his/her care. Sounds like a friendly ghost. Would you miss the ghost if she/he ever decided to completely leave?


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