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Our Miss Margie Was A Ray Of Sunshine

Updated on March 3, 2013
Margie in happier Times.
Margie in happier Times. | Source

We Shall Remember A Sweet Woman.

You came to live here four years ago,

against your will they made you go, and leave a place you lived for so long.

They said you could live alone no longer. You fell and could no longer care for yourself.

At first you were mad and afraid, you wanted to go home, but that was not possible.

This was your new home. Everything seemed so new and rocky at first.

You still longed to go home, and you were so sad, and determined to try and leave.

It did not help that you had a hard time hearing, but everyone wanted to befriend you, and make you feel at home.

Little by little, you came around and made friends with the other residents. They all loved you, as well as the staff.

You were so endearing and cute " Our Little Margie"! You grew on everyone.

And as time went by... You liked living here, and you made friends with everyone.

You were so cheerful and bright, and you made us all giggle and laugh.

All the hugs everyone has shared with you meant a lot! Ant that is the truth.

You loved Arts & Crafts, hated eggs for supper, ( I'll have Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich ), and HOT TEA! Lol. Oh and Burnt Toast!

You loved Your Joe ( he was your man). And you loved kids and fun, also puzzels.

You were a headstrong woman, with a mind of your own. We all knew that.

Then things started to go downhill, you started not feeling well..

Then it began...In and out of the Hospital. Sometimes you were well, and other times not so good. You were stubborn and would not listen to the Doctors. You did what was your will, and as it was your choice, but still we all loved you, and cared for you, and we all worried about you.

But then day by day you got worse. Your Kidneys were failing, but you refused treatment. Why? There was still hope for you Margie.

I guess you were just tired and wanted to give up. But you did not have to, and you were not alone. We were all here for you. I guess you had your own reasons in your heart and mind. I guess we just never know what someone is thinking.

Finally you were placed in Hospice , and they made you comfortable. No more toughing it out in your room, and trying to do it on your own.

And then we heard, you were gone.. Went in your sleep, peaceful I am sure.You had passed onto what I hope is a better land, with no pain or worries. I cried then and I cry now, as I write this " For A Wonderful and Beautiful woman'.

I will miss you Miss Margie, and always hold a dear spot in my heart. You were and still are one Classy Lady "My Margie". You will be missed by all that loved you and held you close to their Heart!

A saying a friend passed onto me:

The day is over, night has come. The Day is gone. What done is done. Embrace your dreams. Through the night. Tomorrow comes with a whole new light.

Author Unknown


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    • lucybell21 profile image

      Bonny OBrien 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y.

      Thank you. She was very special to me.

    • profile image

      Ghaelach 4 years ago

      Morning Lucy.

      A lovely tribute to someone you dearly care for, along with many others. It's always sad when someone close leaves. But as with my mother I'm happy for them when it is a sudden departure, and not a lingering illness lasting months or even years.

      We must be happy that their last years where enjoyable with friends all around them.

      R.I.P. Margie