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Our Nature Walk

Updated on November 12, 2011

For the past few days we've studied hard in science 'bout the flowers.

It's time we go on nature walk to spend the next two hours.

The sun is shining bright above, the morning air is crisp.

Grandma is the teacher and grandson-- just a wisp.

As we walk in dewey grass we searched to find a beauty.

A specimen to study was the focus of our duty.

We came upon some dandelions and a tiny little bluette.

To teach about the flower parts--these two would just not do it.

In the distance a flash of yellow! We ran to check it out.

It was the perfect specimen with parts to tell about.

I leaned down and pointed out the pistil and the stamen

while sounding very clinical to this little layman.

After expounding all the terms, I looked up at his face

to see if he was getting it at my hurried pace.

His eyes were wide, and smile bright while head went side to side.

He hadn't heard a word I said! Instead he just replied:

"Isn't that just the most beautiful thing that you have ever seen?

Look what God made for us to grow in all that green?"

He taught me well, a lesson that I'll now share with you.

We first should see the greater whole--

and then the details, too.


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