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Our Counted Breaths

Updated on April 25, 2017

Ask me why
Why is it the way it is
And if it is the way it is
What's the way you think it is?
What's the way you see it is?
What's the way I feel it is?
What's the way you feel it is?

It is....
That you and me are parts of the same play
The same game
The same blame.
We are nexus of the same galaxy and orbits of this infinite home.
We run, we play, we give, we steal, we roam, we stay.
And this gravity is a pull of our lost identities.

Identities of the same entity.
Floating in each other's strings.
We don't learn and teach

But when one forgets how to swim....
We ask them
Why is it the way it is?
And they say
It is.....just as the way....... it is.



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