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Our minds are the tunnel that leads our eyes to clarity.

Updated on July 21, 2012
An illuminated mind is like a star in dark space.
An illuminated mind is like a star in dark space.

I think one of the biggest obstacles that prevent progress of human beings is “doubt”.

Like Mumia Abu- Jamal, my mind wondered through the infinite time in space, crossing all dimensions, looking for a place where my soul can be free at last.

We do not see with our eyes but with our minds- because ninety percent of what we see is influence by our minds - therefore, our minds are the tunnel that leads our eyes to clarity.The human beings goes through life with his eyes closed. His thinking prevents him from opening his eyes, so he goes his way living in a dreamlike state, not realizing that if he awakes, that he will discover many beautiful and new visions which were always there, but he was blind to them. Many people have attempted to open their eyes just a bit; it has not been easy, because their eyelids were very heavy. Pounds of misinformation depress their minds for the advantage of influencing their thoughts. But these people, through their persistent effort, have opened their eyes a little bit, and as they look through this small opening, they are motivated by a greater effort because of the beauty of what they have seen. They then slowly become aware, their minds are no longer depressed, and their vision becomes much clearer.

I was looking at the bible and I came across the Jacob’s ladder story. In the Bible, Jacob had a dream, in the dream he saw a ladder leading from earth to Heaven, with angels ascending and descending the ladder. As I thought about this ladder and what it represents to me, it came to me that the steps in this ladder represent the social scales of society. Each step on this ladder represent levels of illuminating one’s thought within the human consciousness. Waiting for some outreaching thought to climb it, level by level as our perceptive abilities reach the illuminated level of each steps, we gain knowledge. Therefore, we are climbing knowledge by taking mental footsteps up this ladder, which destine for infinity because knowledge is limitless.

When I think of the life styles of human beings and the fast pace of so many of them, I am reminded of the life styles of the rabbit and the Turtle. Many people are always running so fast, like the rabbit, they don’t slow down like the turtle, and smell the roses. There are so many beautiful and rewarding experiences that we miss by continuously living at a fast pace. If we use the wisdom to know when to move as the rabbit, and when to move as the turtle, we would live longer, our lives would become more balanced, and our lives would be more meaningful.

In this material world of ours, there are two types of growth. They are called primary and secondary growth. The primary one is spiritual and the secondary is physical and material. In order for us to progress, we must always keep the primary foremost in our thought and the secondary one will automatically follows. The primary one is our foundation in this material world, and it keeps us mentally stabilized and grounded.

I think one of the biggest obstacles that prevent progress of human beings is “doubt”. How many times have I seen myself and others, when it comes to making a decision, doubt creeps in and we don’t make the right move? Why? -- Because we starve confidence and feed doubt. Wow, if we would just reverse the process, and “feed confidence and starve doubt” now what a difference that would make in our lives. Think about it for a moment. “Feed confidence and starve doubt.” This is a very simple concept, but if practiced, would bring many rewarding result.


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