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Our world (can we live with what we have created?)

Updated on May 3, 2009

There is no way to break free

No escape! You can’t over cross the sea

The hate and pain seeps into all souls

In no time out hearts will be empty holes

And many have lost theirs while running life’s course

Had it traded for money and fame, But the fruit is much worse

People preach fake humanity with hearts of stones

When people’s cries are ignored we share their moans


When I think of this world I know I have to escape

Yet we are a lonely portion of this flawless world of murder and rape

So every time I wake up I am about to break

Falling apart beyond sanity’s jurisdiction for whose sake

I used to stand up when standing was simply insane

But my attempts have turned vain

For my world has turned inhumane


Our glorious deeds are cynically regarded with shame

Living in a world where trust and loyalty are viewed with blame

I don’t like the materialistic world I see

Yet there is no way to let your soul free

So why have we turned unrealistic

Living by hate and turned materialistic

And so many burn and suffer while we share our fascination

And thus we are left helpless in this world of our creation

Can we fix what we dread?

Can we plant humanity in our seed?

How can we live our ultimate life unaware of the end?

So when you’re dead what about your time, how was it spent?

“Feeding on others flesh ripping apart our bros (answer)

And yes I am bold enough to point out our flaws

This is the end of our infinite lies

Yet, When will we open our eyes?


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    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 9 years ago from Lebanon

      Lady Guinevere i hope we can make a change in this world and fix what others couldn't. I do hope we can implant the seed of humanity back into the hearts of our children. Yes we all are full of faults but this is part of being human. I hope we can all make changes by our dreams of a better world. thanks alot guys it means alot. And jacob thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Lovely Lovezan, thanks for your support and i will make sure to visit your site as soon as possible and contemplate over your wise words.Uriel :d

    • profile image

      jacobt2 9 years ago

      wow...great hub. very well written and put.

    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 9 years ago from West By God

      What a poem about the follies of man in his world. This is great! They will wake up when they have to or are pushed right to the edge. All the foretelling and prohesying isn't going to help when all htye see is doom. It is hard to get one out of the clutches of "THE BORG"