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Our young beating hearts

Updated on May 3, 2012

Our Young Beating Hearts

We stood there, in a solid unison of our young beating hearts

howling into the night , the night which will be remembered in old age

we sang to the tune of one guitar, its strings ripening our souls

strangers to one another we did not care, tonight was the night we lived

where all of our troubles of life melted with every lyric, and the world stood still

everyone who needed to be there were there in rythym as one

the tunes were our therapy and the words touched our hearts

we laughed, we screamed , we sang

and in the days of my future when I look back

I will know I lived at least once, in the early hours of that morning

standing still on Grafton Street , with friends I may keep and people I will never see again

I let my pities and sorrows leave my body with every exhalation of air

my lips tasted the world as small as it may have been

I took nothing for granted, none of us did,

we stood there, in a solid unison of our young beating hearts, we lived.


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