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Our Mother

Updated on May 23, 2012

Time flashes before our eyes,

In an instant we meet our demise,

Your presence taken for granted,

As if your face was a disguise.

The seasons forever change,

The love for us stays the same,

Your nurturing lights a fire,

Your faith in us fans the flames.

Through thick and through thin,

That strength comes from within,

The power to give us freedom,

Guiding our spirits like the wind.

Like when nature hears our call,

Lifting us up from a crawl,

Ability to know when were weak,

Always selfless to take the fall.

Never a doubt crosses your mind,

Trying to move ahead from behind,

When everyone else doesn't believe,

You can will us to the finish line.

To leave this life our hearts would crumble,

Without your presence we would stumble,

So everyone just close your eyes and think,

Your Mother, the one that made it all possible.


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