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Dealing With Nasty Attitudes and Jealous People -- Bullies

Updated on September 12, 2017

Don't Bow Down

by Candace Green

Have you ever felt that no-matter what you did to avoid the fact someone had something on you, you still found yourself face to face with a rude scowl? Even if it took years for them to catch up with you.

Some people with nasty attitudes are just out to get you. These people are out to shrink your stature, belittle your character, intimidate your confidence, and plow down the respect of others.

Always remember to never let such behavior make you bitter, and lose the sweetness of your God-given personality. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are special to God and to many. So, you don't have to lower your head over one or a handful of people who protest your potential and bully your beautiful soul.

As the old saying goes, " What comes around goes around."

So, losing the quality of life you deserve right now over senseless gestures should never be.

Your self worth is determined by God and that is priceless. "Let Him be your mirror!"

Bullies are miserable and want to take others down with them. The best thing to do in front of a bully is, "live an abundant and happy life." It will be hard at first. Then you will get stronger for it.

The Resolve

People that spend their time backstabbing and conniving mischief are just cowards themselves. Some secretly want what you got and if they can't have it themselves they try to find every feasible way to see you lose yours.

If everyone likes you, these lava licking devils know it and often try to manipulate you and make you a laughing scoff.

At all cost keep your integrity, they may be out to get you, but you don't have to let them win. "Don't let them steal your candy and leave you with the wrapper."

Forgiveness is essential, but there is a fine line between forgiveness and standing up for yourself. The worst thing you can do is return equal evil for evil, this will only prove the wrong doer right. Revenge is not respecting yourself. However standing up for yourself in character will feel like enough revenge to a bully.

Soon the one green with envy will taste a little of their own medicine. They will suffer consequences when others see you have kept your dignity. The best thing for you and the worst thing for them is if you keep smiling. If you meet up with them, a confident smile will send them spinning and chasing their tail.

Sometimes after the long tussle they will come back, want to be your friend and join your band wagon. " Don't be rude, but firm and stubborn. Play a little hard to get, yet be still friendly at the same time." You just might get asked for forgiveness. As result it may resolve into friendship. It doesn't always mean these people are bad people, but that their own insecurities have made a monster out of their attitudes. Truth is, they can change. "Pray for them!"

" Tell them you forgive them, but make them earn back your trust."

Often the ones that seem to cause you the most trouble really admire you, but are consumed with jealousy. Others are intimidated by you and think they can build their own kingdom by tearing down yours.

"Don't ever tear yourself down in front of the snobby, cocky, mouthy, or quiet conniving person or you are waving the white flag of surrender." This will work like acid to your confidence.

"Tell yourself that I am not going to melt down and be the asphalt that paves a street for pathetic attitudes to run over."

As the Good Book says, " Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall." They've got their thing coming!

Ultimately, you can actually become friends ( it has happened many times). "Stand your ground and keep your cool."

Friendship should never be earned by having to lower yourself to build your friend's confidence. If they can't handle you just the way you are, then they are not your friend. That doesn't mean we don't respect or adjust some of our ways to nurture friendships, but just not letting people run over you to push their agenda.

"Stay humble, stay true, be confident, be you!" :)


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    • RebuildingJobs profile image


      8 years ago from USA

      In America, people hold certain assumptions that are outdated for today's changing world and will not carry them into the future. The structure of business has changed, yet Americans are behind in their understanding of it and will only meet the face of change with frustration and disappointment. It seems to me that people are more vicious in the work force. Yet, we shouldn't have to hide in a glass bottle to protect ourselves--but a glass bottle it is since laws won't. I enjoyed reading your hub and linked to it from mine on Cognitive Dissonance.


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