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Out in Oklahoma Country

Updated on April 28, 2011
"I stood on your ground...O,K,L,A,H,O,M,A...  And watched the rest of the world go across your highway."
"I stood on your ground...O,K,L,A,H,O,M,A... And watched the rest of the world go across your highway."

You haven’t been a territory since 1907,

A State out in the plains, where there is nothing between you and heaven,

Your fields and streams still beckon me to old,

Of Wagon Trails, Indians, and Settler’s Stories never told.

I have been by your waters from TenKiller to Lake Altus,

A buckle for the Bible Belt; Oklahoma’s praying for God to watch over us!

The Ranges of Granite Thrusts along your terrain,

Helped the “Light Horseman” Indian to scan far across the plain.

I saw a great Indian Chief shaped in the clouds atop a granite hill plateau,

I looked to Earth and saw a Farmer plowing the ground there below.

Oklahoma…your spirit can not be captured; It’s in the wind!

Free to blow across your landscape, time after time, and again.

Out in Oklahoma…you can hear the wind blow all the time,

See that distant highway that goes on and on across the land, and in my mind.

Maybe you arrived here as a “Sooner”,

Or perhaps you were a “Boomer”.

Perhaps arrived, part of the Five Civilized Tribes, from Eastern U.S. lands,

Early settlers came from our Nation, other countries, all types of race of man,

Now on this land, is where you’ve come to make a homestead, and a stand.

And have come to these fields and streams…to become a proud Oklahoman!

Out in Oklahoma Country…from Panhandle to that of the Choctaw,

The Interstate starts the Southwest gateway, after leaving Arkansas.

A land rich in history…and a vital part of the American Heartland,

A great Territory which became a State, after being tamed a little by man.

On Ol’ Route 66...we sure got our we watched farm fields go by in plowed rows,

Gazing out far from our I look out across the land…that stops where no man knows.

A college game, on a Saturday afternoon, may shut you down completely,

At Peace out on the Plains, the world around you settles into place, neatly.

I stood on your ground…O, K, L, A, H, O, M, A…

And watched the rest of the world go across your highway.

And even though I knew I wasn’t there to stay,

I’m glad I strayed across your land…way back in the day.

On a field of green...with only the sky no place on Earth I've been,

Of rugged farmland beauty, and blanketed fields swaying in the wind,

I find your land has some real cool scenery…I will pass your way again,

Maybe settle down there…upon your land, with my Oklahoman friend!


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