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Book Review: Out of The Devil's Cauldron

Updated on April 29, 2014
Cauldron | Source

A Great Testimony and Read

John Ramirez has now gone on to do the work of the Lord Jesus for over a decade, but before his conversion he was deep into the worship of Satan though witchcraft originating from Latin America, like Santeria. His turn around came in the nick of time, and shows the saving grace of God.

For those who love to read biographies and testimonies, this book will not let you down. It's well written and easy to follow. It's one of those books you'll read in a matter of days or less. At 232 pages long, Out of The Devil's Cauldron, holds the miraculous testimony of someone who was in darkness but found the light.

Believers will be edified, and those who are in the occult, who want to escape, will be given hope knowing it's possible. For all unbelievers and believers alike, this book is a great story, which happens to be true.

John's Story

John had an abusive father which was deeply into witchcraft. His father didn't treat him, his siblings, or his mom with love or respect. John was raised in poverty in New York City mostly by his mom who tried her best to take care of him and his siblings.

He was soon initiated into witchcraft by an aunt who was a witch. It was simply a way of life for his family, and John didn't know any other way. His anger and family dysfunction led him at an early age to seek power to make up for being a victim of his father's lack of love and abuse.

Soon enough, John was sacrificing animals, casting spells in a cauldron, going to Satanic meetings with rituals, and astral projecting over the city to control regions in the spiritual realms of New York. His life consisted of pleasure and darkness, as he called Satan the father he never had. He was deceived into this lifestyle not knowing a better way.

New York City
New York City | Source

John Ramirez on CBN

Jesus Saves John

John started dating a Christian woman who wasn't following the faith very closely. He did start to go to church with her for kicks, and listened to her family preach to him with disdain. After awhile he became conflicted within himself about what was reality.

John came to a crossroads in his life, after some divine situations he began to doubt Satan and his way of life. His double mindedness became acute one night when he was desperate to know what was real and called out to Jesus to reveal himself if he was real. He was desperate enough to want to die at this point.

The night he called out, in his mind even, he was given a dream. In this dream he took a subway to hell, where he faced off with the Devil and defeated him with the power of a cross that appeared in his hand. When he woke up, John knew Jesus was more powerful than Satan, and he has lived his life for Jesus every since.

The Devil

Do You Think The Devil is Real?

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In The Amy of God

John is now in the army of God, instead of the army of Satan. He is a soldier of Christ now, and the passion he had as a Satan worshiper has been used now for the Kingdom of Heaven. He works to help those who are lost in Santeria and other witchcraft and Satanic cults, to find Jesus and come out of them and be saved by Jesus.

Looking at the fruits of John's new life is enough evidence for anyone who is honest to see who is really God. Also, his testimony is powerful evidence that Satan is indeed real, and the main adversary of Jesus, truth, and those who love Jesus.

By buying this book, you will not only get a great story, but also be helping John Ramirez in his ministry called John Ramirez ministries (link below).


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