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Out of all the places in the world

Updated on October 26, 2014

When the phenomenon of me flying, and my days are free,

Feeling the night chill, knowing its real,

Nothing can enter my heart without the right key,

The tingle in my finger tips corroborate this ideal,

Faster and faster, going anywhere but home,

When I get to where I am going, it will not be wrong,

And time will slow down to listen to my song,

Spending my life in an earthy ponder,

and yet, the awe of the earth from the sky is such a wonder,

Can't think of any other place to wonder, but flying further and further yonder.


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    • kljones86 profile image

      Along with the wind 3 years ago from colorado

      Thanks for reading and your support!

    • Bidd Waxx profile image

      Barb Schindel 3 years ago from Wisconsin

      This was interesting as looking down at everything from above as being able to go and be free to go . Great pleasure reading your works.

    • jhamann profile image

      Jamie Lee Hamann 3 years ago from Reno NV

      Thank you for sharing this wonderful poem. Jamie

    • nurse240 profile image

      Carol Ann Sherwood 3 years ago from Jackson, Mi.

      I loved this insight you shared. I cannot blame this on being afraid to try new and exciting things. I am all for that, however, my goodness we become too cozy in the rut we dig for ourselves. Flying is not for me these days and never has been. I am Amtrack all the way:)

    • The Examiner-1 profile image

      The Examiner-1 3 years ago

      That was very interesting Kelvin, and also very true. We are used to being here and afraid to try anything/anyplace new. It was beautiful to read. I voted it up, shared and pinned it.