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Out of the Mouths of Babes

Updated on February 11, 2018

Out of the Mouths

Out of the Mouths of Babes ...

“Mom, did you have a wedding dress when you got married?”

“No, Daddy and I were students and we did not think it a necessity when two people loved each other and wanted to be together.”

“Well, when I grow up and get a job, I'll buy you a wedding dress, okay?”

“it’s a deal.”

Children dream up all sorts of promises…

And so the years had passed, and the daughter grew up, her father no longer living. She went on a business trip, this time to Korea. Knowing her mother’s passion for ethnic dresses, she searched for a traditional Korean dress. Finally, she found one – was not entirely sure about the size, but decided to purchase it anyway.

When the package came from Korea, the mother managed to squeeze into the new dress. For some reason, the local Korean tailor refused to hem the dress. Before, she had no problem shortening a really long Chinese dress, and another Russian outfit…But this time, she flatly refused.

A while later, getting ready to go to the English dancing night, she selected that Korean dress along with a cape. Her circle was used to seeing her in a Syrian dress from the Damascus region, made out of Kurdish headscarves, or in a embroidered Tajik outfit, a Ukrainian costume, and recently even in an African dashiki – in other words, she favored unusual clothes that caused curiosity and required an explanation.

Once she had several women guests from Korea, and wanted to show off her Korean outfit. She saw them smiling, and, surprised by their reaction, she wanted to know what caused their mirth. Her guests – they turned out to be Buddhist protestant nuns – asked whether she knew what exactly her dress was, and for whom it was intended.

But how could she know that?

The nun told her: “This is a dress intended for a young bride!”

“Oh,” that’s all our heroine could master in response… She remembered a short conversation about a wedding dress she and her daughter had a long time ago on the way home from a nursery school.

Aware of her daughter’s busy schedule, she decided not to call her and instead sent her an email:

“Darling, you may not believe me, but you did buy me a wedding dress, just as you promised. Do you remember your promise? Thank you…”

She suddenly remembered another episode a few years ago, when on a trip to Amsterdam her accompanied by her son to a diamond factory showroom and, with a generous gesture of an eight-year old, told her:

“Mom, choose any diamond you like, don’t look at the prices; when I grow up, I will buy it for you!”

At that time, she had not yet known how the wedding dress story was going to turn out, so she pointed the most modest diamond in the window display.

Her son encouraged her to stop considering the cost of the stones, take her time and choose well.

“But I truly do like it,” she told him. 

Her son is still growing up, and who knows, maybe this episode, too, will culminate in a dramatic ending; because, as they say, truth comes out of the mouths of babes…


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    • eneva profile image

      eneva 7 years ago

      It was a coincidence, but it wasn't from the point of the story

      Thanks Monisajda!

    • Monisajda profile image

      Monisajda 7 years ago from my heart

      Eneva, what a funny story. I enjoyed reading it. I wonder if your daughter intentionally bouught a wedding dress or was it a coincidence?