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Outdated - Barnsey's Attempts at Poetry

Updated on June 17, 2012


Upon reflection of the many answers to the question I posed, Do you believe we should live by a book written thousands of years ago? I wrote this poem. While writing this I am mostly thinking about the Muslims of the middle east who seem to be loosely translating their holy book for their own purposes. I only know this because on one hand you have terrorists saying that the Koran rewards those who slay others and themselves. On the other hand you have actual clergymen who say that the Koran preaches nothing but acceptance and non-violence. So, which is it?

I say it is time adults learn to grow up and make moral decisions on their own. Why do you need a guideline to live by unless you are inherently amoral or even evil? Answer me that, terrorist cowards! By the way I live in Jersey, you want some, come get some.


Savagely immune to any civilized concept,

this primal image you cling to.

Haphazard dissidence you're energy is wasted,

blinded eyes speed you toward a nameless tomb.

Hold you're hands high, remember what God said,

in the book of sheltered innocence.

No more hands tied, remembering how God bled,

execution you're repentance.

Outdated, its time to join the world,

cast aside that jaded canopy.

Outdated, past time you joined us all,

the Word is stained with man's fallacy.

Does this seem a little harsh?

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