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Overcoming The Anxiety Of Publishing Your Content

Updated on December 26, 2013

Know that you are not writing for everybody but your target readers. When you know your readers, you can write to their taste. You will be able to publish your ideas if they suit the taste of your readers. When you do not know your readers, you may get confused about what appropriate style or tone you should use in discussing your idea. You will then not have enough confidence in your ideas to publish because you are not sure whether the readers would love it or not. If you know your readers, you will know what they love and write to conform to their taste.

Without the appropriate title, you may be less confident in publishing your ideas. If you know your audience, you will be able to deduce the appropriate titles that can easily catch the attention of your readers.

Knowing your readers and their background knowledge about the topic, will also help you to deduce an appropriate objective that will shape your thought pattern and idea discussion. You will be able to express your ideas assertively in a straightforward manner hence publish them with confidence. You will also be able to cite the appropriate examples that conforms to the reading levels and background knowledge of your readers. Moreover, you would be able to figure out which ideas to maintain in the content and the ones to omit.

Avoid Making a Lot of Mistakes in Your writing in order to have less to correct in your drafts.

When you know you can edit your ideas later, you write anyhow. You do not write with much care. You then end up piling many ideas with so many errors that you feel lazy to edit them. You would rather use your time to write new ideas and develop new articles. Try to consider the draft to be no different from the final work. And try to publish your fresh ideas often instead of putting them away to be well developed another time. Focus your attention on developing your fresh ideas for publishing and this will help you to avoid making mistakes in drafting your ideas. When you avoid making many mistakes in writing, you would have fewer errors to rectify in your drafts. This would give you much energy and confidence to work on your draft and to publish them. When you publish your ideas often, it will train you to also not make mistakes when drafting your ideas.

Get help from friends and other professional writers

If you have lots of writing tasks, you can make the work more easy and exciting by working with people. You do not need to do everything by yourself. The writing process is very broad with different aspects and stages. When you have other professional writers in your team handling the other areas, you can get to publish often or even in commercial quantities. Doing everything yourself- from writing to grammar and spelling checking- may slow you down and make the writing boring. It could make you less productive too.

As more ideas occur to you, more unpublished ideas tend to accumulate and make the work seem daunting. You always feel lazy and bored anytime you think about editing and developing your ideas. When you work as a team or when you have different writers handling other areas such as checking of grammar, spelling, readability etc., you would be able to work faster and publish more. When you have other people checking your errors for you, you can also get to overcome your fear of criticism. With constructive criticism, from your editors (immediate readers) you will be able to come up with good arguments hence the confidence to publish your ideas.

Use the Appropriate writing software

If you are working alone or if you do not have many hands on the job but much work to do, try as much as possible to also apply the use of the appropriate writing software to be more productive in your writing. Try software such as MS Word (the 2013 version is preferable). With the appropriate software, you can do most of the work all by yourself. You can easily and quickly run through and check your spelling and grammar. You can also substitute or replace certain keywords within your content. The writing process will become easy and exciting. There are writing apps that you can download free on the internet.

Do not allow criticisms prevent you from publishing your works.

When you publish your articles, you would gain more room for advancement or improvement. The more you improve article by article, the more your product (articles) becomes interesting and the more loyal fans or readers you get. Publishing consistently will also help you to discover your most ardent readers or fans. You will notice people who share your views and those that are always willing to read your next article. This gives you the encouragement to write more.

You will learn to appreciate constructive criticism and build upon your skills. This will make you more matured as a person and improve your writing skills greatly. On online directories, you can even consider the community of other writers as part of your working team or colleagues whose comments would help to upgrade your content.

Listen to your readers and allow their constructive criticisms shape your style of writing and improve your writing as well.

Let another person check for your content mistakes.

You must understand that sometime you may only be seeing mistake just because your thoughts and knowledge about the topic is only improved. This should give you the confidence to publish your ideas. If you like, try not to edit your content by yourself. Let others read and judge the quality of the content by either publishing or letting another person read to check the most conspicuous errors in your content before publishing.

Subject your content to public scrutiny

Be ready to subject your content to public scrutiny. Understand and accept that writing is a matter of sharing your opinions with others. Others may side with your thoughts and others may not.

You must also be aware that, online article directories offer a large community of other professional writers who have many ideas to share with you. Connecting with them will help you to learn the culture of sharing your ideas through publishing. Their ideas can help you to improve your writing skills.

Be confident enough to subject your content to public scrutiny.

Do not stop upgrading your content even after publishing them

Another way to overcome the anxiety of publishing your articles is to just understand and always remind yourself that after publishing your ideas does not mean the end of developing your ideas. Writing and publishing is a continuous learning process. Even after publishing, you gain more or supplementary ideas related to your published works. You can continue to improve or upgrade your articles with the supplementary ideas. You do not have to worry at all especially when publishing online, as you would have all the chance in the world to edit or update your title and content anytime you want to. Knowing that you can edit or upgrade your ideas whenever ideas occur to you will give you more confidence to publish. You can also indicate on your articles ideas that need further upgrading. This will help you to accommodate easily your supplementary ideas in the already published works.

Welcome Suggestions for improvement

You should write in a manner that encourages or welcomes ideas from readers as well. You should view your readers not as people who are there to criticize your work but also people that you are trying to share your opinion with. Actually, you should see them as people who are there to help bring out your best and to help you improve your writing skills.

Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions below. You can also contact me if you want to write articles for your blogs, website or for any proof reading service. Contact me for also advice and tutorials on SEO or how you can upgrade your website in order to gain more traffic.


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