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Overcoming Writer's Block - Useful Tips

Updated on October 24, 2016

Learning to Relax

The first thing you’ll need to get started is a clear mind. Yes, it’s time to let go of all your fears & emotions. It’s your turn to simply relax. Remember a stressful mind is potentially a blocked one. For many of us, writing is more than art or a form of expression. It is a passion, something we value and love.

We must treat it as a treasure. Don’t let it overwhelm you. Remember, It’s okay to make a mistake. It is why we have a tool called editing. Perfection has always been a work in progress. Think of yourself as a laborer or brick layer. Each piece that is laid represents a small portion of a project waiting to be finished.If you are a professional writer with a deadline to meet, work in sections. Never try to do too much. For each piece that you write, remember you are a step closer to your artistic goal.

Anne Rice

Overcoming Your Fears

Write whatever comes to mind. The more you write the less time you have to worry about getting it wrong. Some of the best writers spend less time brainstorming and more time letting their fingers do all the work. You’ll be surprised how fast your critical thinking skills kick into action. Writing should be fun, relaxing and natural. This is how you can test your skills as a writer. The more effortlessly you’re able to meet your goals, the closer you are in becoming a successful stress free writer.

Another thing to remember in your efforts to overcome the grip of writer’s block is to change your surroundings. Challenge yourself. Draw inspirations from others who inspire you like your favorite author, poet, celebrity, or love one. Also think outside the box. Many writers find it difficult to come up with new ideas or great out of the ordinary ones.

Anne Rice

Be Creative

We all want to write about something new or something never thought of before. The way to reach such aspirations is to explore. The more knowledge you have about the world and your surroundings the easier it will be to reach such goals. It’s almost like fashion. You throw many things into the mix until you find something original and different that actually works. Artistic writing is also practically the same concept.

If you’re an author looking for a great original storyline try toying with magic, art, history, science, technology, religion, morality, fashion, politics, sex, culture, economics, folktales, mysteries, myths, medical advances, news events and odd occurrences to name a few. Eventually you will piece together something extraordinary. Leave nothing off of the table. Creativity has no limits. Let your imagination flow with knowledge of the concepts I outlined for you today. Learn to bury your nerves, negativity from others and useless distractions that may block your ability to achieve your goals.

If you are to heed the advice of another person make sure that it’s from someone you can trust like a family member, friend, colleague, church member or professional individual primarily a script writer, author, poet, legitimate publishing agent or company. Remember, ultimately you are the last decision maker. After all it’s your work that is at the center of attention. Go with your heart and gut feeling. Never let others deter you from your goals and aspirations. The more focus and relaxed you are, the better you’ll do marketing your work to others and receiving their positive feedback.

Alice Walker

Set Goals & Work At Your Craft

Lastly, if you have exhausted all of these simple options, try to set long term goals to help you deal with the stress of writer’s block such as a change in sleeping habits and the time you spend writing daily. Also try listening to music and a few hours of meditation.

Always have faith in yourself and believe that anything is possible.You’ll be surprised how fast a little inspiration, quality rest, good advice from others & a simple peace of mind can deliver you from the pain of writer’s block. Good luck in your journey to defeat this annoying ailment & happy writing!

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    • PDXKaraokeGuy profile image

      Justin W Price 3 years ago from Juneau, Alaska

      interesting article. I don't believe writers' block exists. I believe it's an excuse for being lazy. if you just sit down with a pen and paper and start writing, something good will eventually come out. Idleness creates the myth of writer's block.