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Overdue payment letter for payments received

Updated on June 24, 2011

 This sample overdue payment received letter serves to notify the reader that the payment which was owed has been settled or received. Depending on the circumstances, the letter can be very formal or informal but the main purposes of writing this type of letter are to:

1. Acknowledge receipt of payment
2. Notify the payer about the status of their account or service
3. Express a willingness on the part of the company to continue the relationship with the customer. Sometimes the company may say that they are terminating the relationship as a result of late payments if such defaults are in breach of their terms and conditions.

For more sample letters visit the credit letters website. Learn to write effective letters here

Jody Bringing
36 High Street
GT 282993

Dear Mr Bringing,

We are pleased to acknowledge receipt of your payment on your credit account. . We received your $200 payment today and we have reinstated your credit privileges so that you can use your credit cards again. As we discussed, we need to receive your payments by the 24th of every month so that we can avoid situations like this in the future. Please note that any further delinquencies may result in our having to place restrictions on your account.

We have credited the $200 to your account which now leaves a balance of $102.25. The total amount of money that you have available as your credit line is $1102.52. As a gesture of goodwill, we have waived the late payment fee of 12% on this occasion. To avoid late fees in the future, please always remember to send in your payment by the first of each month.

Thank you for your payment on your credit account with Big Credit and Finance Company. We appreciate your business and are glad to be of service to you. If you have any questions or concerns please call our customer service department on telephone number 000 111 0220.

Yours Sincerely,

Lon Jouster
Customer Accounts and Billing

Overdue payment letter for payments received
Overdue payment letter for payments received


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      Manu 4 years ago

      Have been trying for 30 mitunes. Got to form once, filled it all out and then hit submit and it won't go!!!!!!!!!!! Now can't get back to form!!!!!!!!

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      Christiaan 4 years ago

      I waeitd & waeitd for site to come up.I then filled out all the information.But couldn't find a submit button.Tried clicking the Enger button, but that didn't work.??????

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      Olive 4 years ago

      Hi Renee,I am delighted with your peorjcts! like you, I am doing similar things. You can check it out on my blog (mainly gardening but, I include some of my DIY peorjcts as well). Just click on the label DIY. Thanks. I joined your site and klicked +1 Have a nice day!