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Updated on September 12, 2012
God is in the Rose
God is in the Rose
...and as God is in the Rose, so is He in the Thistle. Photos by Running Hawk
...and as God is in the Rose, so is He in the Thistle. Photos by Running Hawk

Where is God, in this World of double troubles?

Searching the Books, the Word, looking for miracles,

Emitting a sign that He is still among us, supporting,

Waiting for relief to pour from those great Oracles.

Faith stands rigid, but forced to lean into the woes.

The heart rapid pounding and pulsating to ponder,

Where is my Protection to keep from awful harm.

Where is the rejoicing, where is the Great Wonder?

These questions are asked by many and yet few see.

There at their feet is truth, laying like a tame lion

There on each side giving off light are the Angels,

Behind, stands the unconditional Love we rely on.

Though the feet may stumble, He will stumble also.

When pain raptures ours hearts, His too, is weeping.

As joy comes in waves like the sea, He is the surge.

He is in our hearts, in the light of giving and keeping.

Without suffering, we would not know joy, ugly to beauty.

The double troubles must be walked in life for knowledge,

Afterlife will be of song, love and joy, but where is God now?

...He is carrying us, keeping His promise, His one pledge!


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