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Updated on July 6, 2016

Seeking my sleepy head

While lying on my bed

You came along

Stared for too long

Hide myself under the sheet

Embraced the sense, 6-feet beneath

You dug me home

So I’m not alone

And you chase me, yet leash me

Towards your trap, I’m the host

Where betrayal is free

So the curse upon me

“I’m okay”, I whispered

You whipped me with lies

“It’s okay”, I replied

My trust just collides

“I’m sorry”, you say

While slashing my wounds

“I’m sorry…”, again

“… are you hurt?”, “No, it won’t.”

“Will you forgive me?”

I say none

“Will you remain?”

Fears will be gone

I grab your hand and snatch your tool

Started doing the work of fool

Stabbed on my chest

The tool and heart incest

I cried and waited to die

You stand and leave with no goodbye

“Go… so long!”, I smiled

Last breath.

Closed my eyes.


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