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Updated on February 14, 2016


Whoa, whoa, whoa. You are telling me you found yourself in a tough situation, without anything to guide you but your own principles, and you just did the right thing?!
That’s it miss. You are grounded.
No appreciation no details asked. Well yes in our cases, it not just being grounded, the constant reminder of how you dealt with a situation without telling your parents will keep your head buzzing for six months or if you are not lucky enough then a year. So your biggest concern in such situation might be to keep the earphones handy.
Well lets see.How many of you turn to their parents and share their daily activities? One thing I know for sure that as soon as my parents give me that “care to share” look, I disappear from the crime scene as fast as Dobby snapping his finger to apparate.
My bad. How could have I forgotten to mention facebook; social media that rules our lives today? So many of our parents are on facebook but do you befriend them knowing your social life updates will reach them even if you are on the farthest end of the plane. Remember the post every of you shares on his wall, “ Having those weird conversations with your friends and think if any one heard us , we would be put in a mental hospital,” Sorry to break this to you that if your parents heard you talking, without a thinking moment you would actually, really, truly land in an asylum.
My take on why parents cannot be best friends? Maybe it is because of our rebellious nature or maybe we think of them as stoneage parents but do we really think that they can understand what we are going through? Times have changed and so have the living and survival conditions, the problems faced by us today are nowhere near those of our parents so do we think they will be understanding of the circumstances the way we want them to be?
I am absolutely certain Parents have the best interest in their heart for their children but doesn’t that make them sometimes a little selfish leaving us questioning their opinion? We respect their wishes and concern but that leaves a question about the best friend matter.
Why go far? Imagine telling your parents about the movie you watched yesterday or the Harry Potter craze that has grabbed you over the last few years..! Hmm…Can you see your mother’s eyes flashing with anger asking you to go and clean your room? On the other hand, I told my best friend last night to make the Poop sign our official friendship sign. Just think how oversharing this stuff with your parents could result in your dooms day arriving just a bit early.
So, the other day I found myself making a “bucketlist” of things I would love to do, from owning a zoo, to visiting Hogwarts and BAMM!!! There it was, my dream to become an astronaut. And I realized with a pang in my stomach that it could never happen as I was on my way to become a doctor as my parents had dictated. Just imagine what your best buddy will say if you tell them that you want to go to space. Hell Yeah man! Lets do it together. Even if you tell your friend that you want to jump off the Eiffel Tower, not only will they accompany you but will be the ones pushing you off it. So much for the say that friends will drag you down. Oh come on! He is helping me fly.
Still don’t agree with me? Ahan. Why don’t you message your parents right now informing them all about the Damon Salvatore and David Beckham crush you have been trying to hide for so long? Come on sometimes you have to take the risk and find out if you will survive? I bet your friend will send you a bunch of collages with you and your crush in it. Doesn’t seem like a bad response? A person can hope, eh.
“Mom, I want to go on a world tour someday. I want to see all that world has to offer.” “Have you ever thought what you have to offer to the world? Now is not the time to have these dreams. Study hard, have a name and respect. And then you can do what you want.”There goes my dream down the drain…, in the darkest pits of the lavatory seat.
With all due respect, It’s all study and no play but we are expected to excel at everything whether it’s arts or creativity let alone studies. No pressure there mate. As long as you are alive, life is a total grind. That is what I was taught from the very beginning. But even if life is trouble, we are not tolerated for our mistakes. Best friends? They dance with you on the table top, will be there when you practice killing yourself, help you be this crazy, stupid self that brings out the life in you. Life is so much more than what it seems to be. It has its ups and downs but darkest times are lightened up by the very people we call our best friends. Parents can be your friends there is no doubt about it but best friends? It’s a family you choose and God gift’s to you. The people who can drive mad 24/7, who won’t question your reasons or understand where you want to be and how you want things to be.
In the end I would just like to thank God for giving me my best friend who is as crazy as those who come nowadays. To all the best friends, we are lucky to have you in our lives. Some of you may not agree with me. But knowing how much majority of you wants me to win , I would just like to thank Google, Internet, Wikipedia in advance for helping me write this and make this far. I couldn’t have done it without you.*puts on the glasses and walk away*.


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