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PLANET PARADISE - Self Discovery

Updated on October 12, 2011

It has happened....

WOW!!! IT HAS HAPPENED!!!!! HUGE NEWS IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER!!! Now are you ready?!!!!!!! Close your eyes and think about something really important. Ok, you are almost there....Are you ready for this?!!!!! Drum roll please......

YOU ARE EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE. WELCOME TO PLANET PARADISE!!!!!! Can you stay for a while? Just a little longer. I really want you too.

Now this planet is a very nice one where everyone takes care of eachother. Broken hearts are healed and nurtured like in a "space hospital" where tiny little fairies sneak into your heart and make you feel loved while you lose something or someone else. Who needs medication or pain killers anymore?!!! This planet is all you need and with so much LOVE, why would you need anything else? So put whatever you use to distract you from feeling away. Now, that is better. You see I created this special planet to let you know that all will be OK and there is nothing to worry about because you are loved. Just think of a few positive sayings that I always hold dear. "This Too Shall Pass" and "Most the things I worry about, never happen anyway." We will thank Tom Petty for that line. Yes, indeed because we need to think of these statements to survive in a life full of surprises. Some not so good and some "life changing." Frankly this year in my life has been one constant surprise so I thought I would share my energy with you in any way I can.


After going through some "life changing" events in the past year or so, I can finally say that I know exactly "who I am" and what I am capable of. For people who are close to me they will tell you that I can move mountains and have done so, reached out to people who I love, made peoples lives better by just being there, I am an amazing listener, a passionate partner and probably in a past life lived with poetry and love every single day in a garden full of purple flowers (purple roses and French lavender a must!) with a nurturing and passionate lover and never did anything else!!!!! Bliss.....

Ahhhhhhhh, well this is Planet Paradise where you can imagine anything you want!!!!! So please let me keep going!!!!! ha

The point is that we all win and we all lose, but the important things is that you remember to love yourself. You are not allowed on my planet until you do! WE all spend lots of hours during the day taking care of others, working hard to put food on the table and whatever else we take on. The important part is that we need to take a "time out" and think of what we can do to give our soul some much needed attention and LOVE. I'm not talking about "hippy stuff" or "new age" jumble, I am talking about just taking a few moments to take in the silence. To breathe and look around you and pay attention to those who you care deeply about. To really listen to your heart and take notice of those pains when they hit you in your gutt. Don't run away from them until you think them through. They will just haunt you forever, deep inside until one day it hits you "out of nowhere" and you have some sort of meltdown. So on Planet Paradise, this can not happen! Or it will just ruin the FLOW.....Ofcourse if it does, please let everyone help you!!! Afterall everyone on my planet is kind and giving!!!!.....Infact, this will be the best meltdown of yours EVER!!!!!!!

A lovely gift.....
A lovely gift.....


I can finally say that my heart has broken quite a few times and recently I have come to realize that this is a good thing. Somewhere in the pain and loss I found love deep inside of me in a very true way. I am capable of being me in the best way and I never have to hide any part of me ever again for people who are not "deep" enough. I have given love, more then I could ever measure and I have lost a lot too which has cut me in my core. This brings me a very grounded sort of "peace" inside my heart. Something that I have never felt before. I have given every part of me and I have felt great pain and loss. No longer numb from all of the years that I had to deal with such great sadness. Losing a parent as a child, issues of abandonment, the fear of losing anyone else....

So, welcome to PLANET PARADISE where you can love with no fear and be yourself all of the time, not just cause you have too.

WELCOME BACK TO YOU......Will you stay for a while?

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Hub Pages Author - GPAGE

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    • GPAGE profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from California

      Thanks again Aussye! I'm so happy you enjoyed my writing here! I hope to visit Austrailia with my children one day.....Sounds so lovely there.....

      Anyway, true romance is what I am about....I'm so happy that you felt that in my writing...Best, G

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      My second read of the site is just as breathless, you are a true romantic!!!! Such passion, such empathy will hurt you. The planet has just been born observed by an Australian , new sun new hope, new love. Hope your kid’s find that ship that will take them there some 54 light years away. Love that dream. Da eye

    • GPAGE profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from California

      OH AUSSIE.....Thank you! I wanted to follow up your comment with "I'm so glad you are here." Always appreciate your thoughts and kind words. Would love to have everyone on my planet that cares enough to be there! Even cute little furry friends!!! I'm glad there are people here like you that love to enjoy the many moments of "bliss." Best, G

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Speechless … of wonder. A moment of bliss in a planet of UNIVERSAL significance. Hey what about inviting the rest of the animal kingdom???? Love your dream and the essence of your humanity!! Have a good one Ausseye

    • GPAGE profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from California

      ALASTAR! So glad you are here! I thought this hub got lost in the shuffle! Well I think it sorta did....I wrote this one and then after being inspired by my little girlie to look on google, I decided to post another one about Sci fi costumes for DOGGIES right afterwards!!!! Not my usual type of hub!!....I just could not resist!!!! ha

      ANYWAY, thanks for your lovely comment. I so appreciate you being here and letting me know you would like to stay on my planet for a while!!! It is a lovely place and everyone here is so kind!!! So nice to have you here!!!! G

    • Alastar Packer profile image

      Alastar Packer 

      7 years ago from North Carolina

      Gotta get a ticket to ride straight to GPage's planet pronto! My my, even when your writing breezily about a wonderful world you populate it with wisdom Ms.G. "Planet Paradise,..where you can love with no fear and be yourself all the time, not just cause you have to"- Will I stay for awhile? You betcha!


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