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PLR Articles Will Just Get You Banned From Most Article Directories!

Updated on July 22, 2010

But The Question Is - Are they still useful?

They can be useful if YOU are prepared to just take the concept and theme of the article and totally rewrite it in your own words with your own twist.

The fact of the matter is MOST established writers are really not at all likely to subscribe to PLR article sites for their articles, because: -

1. They are able to write their own articles. Like Me!

2. They already understand the risks involved with publishing PLR articles....

BUT....... Many newbie writers are subscribing to such services in order to find, download and publish articles in a short period of time. They have just built their first website and are looking for content to put on it, or they have just begun their internet marketing career and are looking for articles that they can use for their marketing campaigns.

If this is YOU - Here is a little bit of advice.

IF you are a newbie writer and you are using these services, PLEASE DON'T just publish the articles without first reading and editing them. The reason I ask you this, is because I have recently found a blog (that I won't name) that actually advertises the fact that they are using PLR articles and most of the articles I read were so, so grammatically incorrect that they were ugly! It is highly likely that these articles have been spun to oblivion and are no longer readable and we create websites and write articles because we want to be read, right?


PLR article sites simply just use article spinning software that replaces certain words and phrases with similar words and phrases that have the same or similar meaning. Although they have the same or similar meaning, it doesn't mean that the words and phrases used are contextually correct. They may have the same dictionary meaning, but some words just don't go well with other words and the results are pretty ugly for the reader.

So my advice to you is, 'IF' you are going to download PLR articles for your website, blog, hub, and / or squid, please take the time to read the article and re write it so it is readable. You should be trying to entice your readers to bookmark your articles or tell their friends about them. So, TAKE THE TIME to edit!

One last thing I would like to mention is the fact that PLR articles are in fact a good way to source idea's for your articles. I often read them, but have never published one without having to completely re-write it first. They are just seeds that need growing, that's all!


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