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POEM: Love Unconditionally

Updated on April 13, 2016
UMHiram profile image

Admin/HR Professional, Author, Entrepreneur and Retired Navy Veteran. Love writing, reading, traveling and sports.


How do I love you?

How do you love me?

How do we love each other?

Then, now and until eternity.

You say that you want us to be forever,

And we’ve been through many ups and downs,

The words that you say,

Coupled with the thoughts of you each day.

Tripled by your positive actions and changed ways,

Makes me want to stay,

We can’t go back to yesterday,

But we can make the most of today.

Our future is bright,

And we have been fighting with all our might,

To make this thing last,

Not focusing on what happened in the past.

We’ve loved hard,

We’ve loved long,

Loving each other when we were weak and strong.

Through prayer and forgiveness,

We’ve made it this far,

Loving one another unconditionally.


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