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Updated on March 8, 2012

The Balloon Men

(For those young suicide bombers brainwashed in the name of God and sacrificed by terrorism)

We are the balloon men

We pop like air out rubber



We do it for the membranes of 72 virgins

Of our reconstructed thoughts. .

There is no love there is no future

There is no planning

This is the will of god

We are the balloon men, we pop!

They shall take over the world in our flight

But we’re filled with gas

So we pop!

There is no poetry

There is no philosophy

No history books

We don’t even go that far

Heaven is either we get there

Or we go to hell, from hell

Of our reconstructed thoughts

This is the will of god

We are the balloon men, we pop

Like machines who once smiled

Do we dream of dreaming someday?

Never knowing

Never caring

Leaving is leaving

This is thy will said god

We are the balloon men, we pop!


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