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Updated on December 18, 2014

Always something for everyone!

So, this Christmas is coming really soon! The countdown begins!! Get ready for the holiday "rush!" I know, there are so many things to pick from this Christmas season! I always say you can not lose with a good book! Pair a great poetry book with a box of chocolates and "voila!"

Well, this year I'm sending poetry books to all of my loved one's and close friends. Depending on "who they are" and what their tastes are, will give me an idea of what sort of poetry book to send to them. I'm going to make your Christmas Poetry shopping experience really easy here! I have found all sorts of poetry books that would really entertain that certain someone. Whether they are "hopeless romantics," "Barfly's,"People who love real life journeys," or "like to get lost in "sensual poetry." Anyone of these books mentioned here will be perfect for that special someone. There is something here for everyone!

The Inspired Heart Exclusive

The Inspired Heart Exclusive is a body of work by a group of artists who sing out to the reader in a magical ride through their use of powerful imagery and language. Your heart will beat, and your blood will pulse in the movement of words along a path leading to change in a society calling out for it. It fires the soul to feel each verse and stanza, until you the reader choose a path of understanding as well. It was an honor to edit and write with these poets. This book continues to be inspired by a need for universal acceptance of all.

Melinda Cochrane
CEO Melinda Cochrane International

Stolen Kisses, Starlight Caresses - A Journey By Kay Kinghammer

The Reader can feel the frustration of the Poet, they are all in close quarters in the van, it is difficult to be intimate, her partner is enigmatic and not very forthcoming, her relationship with her lover is unravelling, the poem begins badly. In the first stanza, “Stolen kisses,/Starlit caresses,/Forgotten.” sets the stage.This poem comes from a place of the 1960’s, the emancipation and Flower child days that somehow went awry, and there is the influence of the Feminist writers. The poem is a narrative, although in a Modernist style (with the first letter of each line capitalized), it is a good example of American feminist poetry and draws from the Beat Poet tradition. - Rebecca Anne Banks

The Beauty Of All Around - By Orlando Murcia

This is not just an ordinary book of love poems, but based on true events that were captured on a journey to what was and used to be "happily ever after." Though love no longer remains captive in the arms of destiny, love is reincarnated once again through the touching of each verse. This book will leave you captivated and mesmerized from beginning to end. All 85 love Poems are for and forever will be, about the woman named " The Beauty Of All Around.

This e-book is available on amazon.

Trailer Park Troubadour - By Justin Booth

You always have that "someone" who needs something a little "different." Well this is definitely it!!

Booth is the real deal, rugged royalty with a talent for writing raw. How he got to this point makes for damn fine reading. His poetry is the best salvation: it gets you clean only to make you dirty all over again.~ Bryan Bourland , Sibling Rivalry Press

Justin Booth gives a soul to the pinup and garbage, drugs and the idle. The heart of it all, because there is a heart--more Bukowski or Nick Flynn-edge than Kerouac-soft--is his eye for the deranged and beautiful caught meddling, growing stagnant in what might be a realm of lesser virtue. Words spoken true from a man having lived a thousand hard lives. - Seth Pennington

Maiden Musings - By Aniruddha Sastikar

Maiden Musings is a delightful reflection of the human soul, mirroring the true beauty of heart, compassion and understanding. This is a book is full of stirring images and haunting words that will resonate in your heart long after you have read them. This is the book to carry with you for meditation, for those moments when you need something inspirational or just for its sheer beauty. This is the book that I go to when I need a spiritual lift or when my heart is heavy, because it lifts me up and lightens my burdens, brightens my heart. There is true magic in these words and images. - Storm DeVille.

Wings Of Freedom - By Aniruddha Sastikar

"The first thing that hits you about Aniruddha’s poetry is its unassuming honesty. Reading his poems gives a clear insight to the poet’s heart, which is large, affectionate and accommodative."

Shyam Sunder Sharma (India)

We The People - By Philip Larrea

"Phillip Larrea, possesses the rare ability to focus, succinctly, his message, his expression, onto the printed page for all to read and hear. His ability to weave a message with the use of short, concise poems is an accomplishment few can master, and indeed he is a master at using language to drive straight to the point. His vivid expressions come as varied as his poetry; they range from love poems that stir the heart to political diatribes that expose the malicious renderings of our corrupt leaders and officials. He manages to accurately describe a wide host of human conditions and poignantly attends to these conditions with the nurturing care that only a skilled wordsmith can muster." - David Boles


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    • GPAGE profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from California

      Always Aniruddha!! G

    • profile image

      Aniruddha Sastikar 

      5 years ago

      Many thanks for featuring on your page, Gina. Its an honor and a privilege to share space with Melinda, Kay, Orlando, Justin, and Philip.


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