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POETRY IN "E"MOTION 2 - Original, Inspirational, Spiritual Christian Poems

Updated on December 20, 2009


Old Man and The Child

There's an old man huddled in the street.

Clothes like rags, no shoes on his feet.

People walk by as they point and stare,

Some turn away, pretending he's not there.

He sit's there quietly shaking from the cold,

Waiting to see what this night holds.

A child comes to stand, innocent and sweet,

Hands him a scarf to warm his bare feet.

He sits and they talk for a little while,

Like old friends, the old man and the child.

Warming from kindness the child has shown,

His not  wanting the old man to be cold and alone.

So with open arms he pulls the child close,

 Accepting the old man he too holds him tight.

Darkness that was in now aglow.

Not really and old man as His true self is shown.

But truly the Father claiming a new son.

Faith in Jesus

Trials come and I run to hide,

 Sometimes I wonder are you at my side.

The burdens' too heavy, the load too tough.

Please, no more, I've had enough.

But here I come to seek your face,

To the alter, there's no greater place.

My worries you wash and take away,

Lord thank your for being here today.

I know anywhere I can bow on my knees,

But in your house I find the greatest peace.

So thank you Lord for what you've done.

Giving me this place where I can come.

He's Better Off

I lost a friend that was like a brother to me,

My buddy Joe, died this week.

As kids we lived for fun and games,

Anything goes, was our middle name.

As we grew older nothing changed,

Always in trouble and causing our families shame.

Chasing girls and racing cars,

Stealing what we could and drinking hard.

We both swore that this was the life,

Nothing could change us,

Not even the tears of our children and wives.

Our families tried to warn us,

But we just laughed and called them all fools.

We couldn't give up this way of life.

We weren't going to listen to anyone,

Life was our playground and we were having fun.

But that's over now, a thing of the past,

Joes life of hard living has ended at last.

He's better off now. No more dealing with a family torn apart,

No more nagging from a wife with a broken heart.

 No more whining kids wanting to know,

Where are you going daddy, when will you be home?

No more people putting him down,

Telling him how wrong he was for painting the town.

Yeah, Joes better off now.

It's lonely without my friend,

I drink alone now at each days end.

I still go home late most every night,

Still trying to avoid my teary eyed wife.

As I sneak in I think to myself....

Yeah, Joes better off without this kind of life.

Yes, my friend Joe died this week,

He died to self and got a new lease.

I think how he got a brand new start,

A chance to mend a family broken apart.

How he found Life and left me behind,

To grope in the dark as if I were blind.

I wish he would tell me the secret to his success,

I wish he would care enough that I too might be blessed.

To care enough not to turn away from his friend of old,

But share with me the miracle that changed his soul.

Then maybe there would be hope for me and mine,

To get a new start, a chance at a new life.

Just show me how he called on Gods only Son.

Just show me before it's too late,

Before I end up at hells firey gate.

A Leap Of Faith

I see the nest tucked up out of sight,

A new little bird contemplates his first flight.

His tiny legs shake as he hops to the rim,

If I jump down will I get back here again?

He doesn't know but he jumps anyway,

A show of true faith he's given today.

His little wings flutter as he gets close to the ground,

 But a gentle breeze is waiting to lift him for another round.

That first leap of faith, realy it's only one,

For us as well, towards Gods only son.

When life makes us stumble,and we start to fall,

Just remember Jesus and to Him we must call.

He'll be there waiting to stir for us, that gentle breeze.

That lifts us up, and puts us back on our feet.

Satans' Rules

There are graves upon that hill over there,

Of non beleivers who just didn't care.

Their bodies are there all rotted and cold,

Hell already taken claim to their souls.

How many times we begged them to come,

Come hear the words of Gods only son.

Through Him you'll live for evermore,

Released of your sins as you come through His door.

But they laughed and scorned and callled us all fools,

 t's much more fun they said , "living by satans' rules".

No More Time

We live each day and plan for the next,

But there's no guarantee, sometimes we forget.

So on we go living our lives,

Ignoring His call and turning aside,

 Not today, I've still got time.

I'm so young and full of life,

Years are left, you have no doubt,

But Jesus knows your time has run out.

He called many times with tugs on your heart,

But you ignored Him right from the start.

The regrets are many as you look upon His face,

Your time has come with no choices left to make.

Now seeing the truth and what it's cost,

To be a child of the world and die being lost.

No heaven you'll see, it's now too late,

As Jesus turns, with tears in His eyes... and walks away.

Not Welcome Here

Lord, I cannot yet look upon your face,

But I can feel your presence, I feel your grace.

It wraps me in warmth and cradles my soul,

Brings me comfort when this world turns cold.

The Christian I am is not welcome here,

Your word is rejected with hatelful sneers.

I carry it with me in my heart to share,

Your Gospel I tell, but nobody cares.

The worlds desire for material things,

Hardens it's heart towards it's spiritual needs.

But Father I promise not to give up,

Till they have your word and drink of your cup.

 Are You A Shepherd?

There's sheep scattered all around,

Lost in the valley's not finding solid ground.

Nothing to eat, no food for their souls,

Confused and frightened, lost in the cold.

A shepherd is what they need today,

A guiding voice showing them the way.

To pastures green and full of life,

Filled with love, warmth and Light.

A shepherd to bring them out of the cold,

Gathering them together,adding them to his fold.

A shepherd strong and willing to stand,

Ready to fight for even the weakest lamb.

Are you that shepherd willing to give;

To search the fields and bring them all in?

 Our Pastor

There's a special gift the good Lord provides,

That feeds our souls and strengthens our lives.

A gift that shares his God given knowledge,

The gift of a man who heeds Gods' calling.

Who watches his fold night and day,

Who chastens his lambs if they try to stray.

 Who protects the old as well as the young,

Who sacrifices his time making sure Gods' will is done.

Who leads us safely to pastures of green,

Filling us with understanding that we might feed,

On the truth he tells of our sinful souls,

That we would turn from this world and stay with the fold.

This gift is of a shepherd, a keeper of the sheep,

Who tells of God and how in Him we might sleep.

A gift so precious, a keeper of the word,

A man, we all call Pastor.



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    • AnythingArtzy profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from OHIO

      Heart ...Yes I wrote them and thanks!

      Story.....A Christian is one who is saved. One who believes the gospel in their heart that Jesus was born of a vergin, the Son of God, was crucified for our sins, buried and rose again on the third day and is alive and well in heaven. Christian is who you are by giving your life to Christ by calling on Him to forgive your sins once you know in your heart you need Him.

      Too many preach being good and doing good or sittin in church means christian. that will send you to hell unless you are saved by grace and the blood.

      My responsibility to others is to share the true Gospel.

      I'm not sure what you mean by are words enough or loving deeds.....enough for what? for salvation? if that's what you mean then NO.

    • Storytellersrus profile image


      7 years ago from Stepping past clutter

      What exactly does it mean to be a Christian? What is your responsibility to others? Are words enough or does it take loving deeds? What are loving deeds? Thank you.

    • heart4theword profile image


      8 years ago from hub

      Wow, quite a few poems! Really enjoyed reading these...did you write these? Great Share:)


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