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Updated on October 13, 2011


Daveda Gruber, Owner ""

Halloween came, I wasn’t daunted;

then realized the house was haunted.

Mysterious creatures of the night

told me this day was not for fright.

I wondered why there were spooky sounds

and scary ghosts were flying in bounds!

Bought lots of candies, thought that was fine;

‘Devil Dog’ licking her chops was mine!

Children ran to my house to come see;

that witch dressed in black was really me!

©Daveda Gruber

September 29, 2011.


Rhyming Couplets in 9 syllable count with true rhyme.

Robert Hewett Sr.

Dressed as Superman ready to fly
Told my mom “just standby”.
Went up the steps all alone,
Rang the doorbell heard a moan.
A cackling sound off to my right,
A Witch on a broom in my sight.
Cape flowing and hand of claws
Reaching for me trailing gauze.
I cannot move, frozen stiff
Eyes wide. my heart makes a skip.
Off to my left I hear a growl,
A fury monster on the prowl.
My feet came free, I started to howl,
My lungs bellowing behind my scowl.
Down the steps, a blur in sight,
Passed my mom like a streak of light.
Home is where I want to be.
At age four, Halloween is not for me.

Robert Hewett Sr.

Ghostly Sounds

Mary Ann Duhart

Sounds are coming from all around
Is that a ghost making that sound
It is Casper the friendly Ghost
Loved by all the children the most
Now flying high above my head
The night of howling that I dread
On the doorbell all through the night
Tricker-Treating with all their might
Mustering up all the candy
A ghostly night Oh how dandy
Strange little faces behind the mask
Working hard to fulfill the task
Halloween Night comes once a year
Children all welcome it with cheer
Vampires-Ghost-Characters galore
Out to give a scare and much more


© Helen VanEck Holub

Halloween, a night of scenes
Ghosts and goblins, scary things.
A four year old out with Mom and Dad
seeing all kinds of bewitching things and scared.

Almost home, tired with her pumpkin of candy
She looked up in the sky and said "Oh my"!
There's a witch on her broom going toward that creepy house
She shrank back in her costume and ran like a mouse.

No more Halloween Night for that little one
Just run with me home and I'll never more roam
This is no longer fun for me, Daddy and Mom
I want my little bed where I can hide my head!

© Helen VanEck Holub


Viola Tabor

I went one night to lay flowers on
my husband’s grave,
I thought to myself that I must be
crazy or very brave.
Who in their right mind would go
to a cemetery at night?
I do have to tell you it did make me
feel extremely uptight.
The only light in the graveyard came
from the moon.
I knew my visit with my soul mate
had to end soon.
I said goodbye and then stood on my
feet to leave.
What I saw coming straight toward
me, I couldn’t believe.
It appeared to be spirits coming after me.
Then I remember it’s Halloween.
The children got a big kick out of my
face turning green.

Viola Jane Tabor



Robert Hewett Sr.;

Two black kittens roamed the Waterfront,

chasing whatever was their delight.

Crickets and bugs and birds alike.

Happy as Larks in a meadow

Just frisky and inquisitive.

But, a change in their lives was coming

It’s Halloween and humans were spooky.

If a black cat crossed their path

they would turn and go the other way.

The kittens noticed this habit.

Kitten 1 said let’s scare the humans.

Kitten 2, said okay, but how do we do that?

Watch said No. 1, here comes a rich lady

looking with disdain at everything.

Come let’s give her a dose of reality.

As the buxom lofty aired lady came close

to the kittens hiding behind a cart.

They jumped out in front of her

arched their backs and tails

and hissed loud as they could.

The rich lady tossed her packages,

screamed loud and fainted.

The kittens raced back behind a building

and watched as humans gathered around.

“We don’t know what happened, she just fainted”

(Some mysteries must remain unsolved)



The night was dark and stormy
Halloween was in the air
Ghouls were wailing but not quite there.

The rain was falling, chilling everyone
It was not quite ready, hadn't quite begun.
They all knew soon then there would be fun.

Bats, and witches flying on broomsticks
Ghosts would rise up from their graves
Then all those who were seeking candy
would have to be heroic and brave!

Wait! There they are, coming all around
Goblins, wickedly faced pumpkins on the ground.
All lit up and seeming to laugh with no sound.
Laugh with them, scare them back stand your ground!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, they all say and laughter rings
Oh my, it's such a fun time to see all those scary things.

© Helen VanEck Holub
October 1st, 2011

Daveda Gruber
Daveda Gruber | Source
Robert Hewett Sr Logo
Robert Hewett Sr Logo | Source
Mary Ann Duhart
Mary Ann Duhart
Helen Holub Logo
Helen Holub Logo | Source
Viola Tabor
Viola Tabor | Source


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    • Daveda Gruber profile image

      Daveda Gruber 6 years ago from Hermitage PA USA

      Thanks Ellen! I did decorate.

    • profile image

      Ellen 6 years ago

      Now this is so cute. I can remember Daveda decorating her house for Halloween.

    • Daveda Gruber profile image

      Daveda Gruber 6 years ago from Hermitage PA USA

      Thanks for commenting Vi. I think this is a great bunch of poems! Boo!

    • Daveda Gruber profile image

      Daveda Gruber 6 years ago from Hermitage PA USA

      Thank you Helen Holub for the wonderful comment! BOO!

    • ROBERTHEWETTSR profile image

      rOBERT hEWETT SR. 6 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky

      You are welcome neighbor Kris. Thanks for stopping by to read my hubppages. Bob

    • Kris T Steitz profile image

      Kris T Steitz 6 years ago from Okolona, Kentucky

      These poems are wonderful! Thanks for all the hard work putting this together Bob!

    • ROBERTHEWETTSR profile image

      rOBERT hEWETT SR. 6 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky

      Of course, Daveda, but a very animated Boo always. Bob

    • Daveda Gruber profile image

      Daveda Gruber 6 years ago from Hermitage PA USA

      I just got back from Las Vegas. So, now everyone knows I'm really a witch! Only on Halloween though! BOO!

    • profile image

      Carol M. 6 years ago

      Wonderful Poetry. Is that witch Daveda?

    • profile image

      Mary Ann Duhart 6 years ago

      Awesome job Bob. I certainly enjoyed the reading. Great for all to share.

    • profile image

      Helen Holub 6 years ago

      A great job, Bob! Everyone will love this and the Halloween poems are marvelous by everyone. This was really enjoyable and fun, too! Halloween can be scary but the kids love it. I especially love to see the little ones in their costumes. I 'Oh' and 'Ah' over each one. Especial our gr.grandchildrens. Thanks for allowing me to be part of it. Everyone did a fine job! Blessings, Helen

    • ROBERTHEWETTSR profile image

      rOBERT hEWETT SR. 6 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky

      You are so right Ssm, Daveda does indeed have a sense of humor. You should visit her poetry forum at "". Thanks for visiting and reading my hubpage. Bob

    • ROBERTHEWETTSR profile image

      rOBERT hEWETT SR. 6 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky

      Thanks Vi = I hope some more people offer up some Halloween poems to be posted here. Bob

    • profile image

      Sam Chase 6 years ago

      I see that many people are associated with Daveda Gruber. This is very cute. A cute page of poems, but Daveda has a sense of humor lol.

    • profile image

      Viola Tabor 6 years ago

      Bob you have done a fine job creating this wonderful page for all to have fun and enjoy reading about the things of the night on Halloween. Daveda's, Mary, Helen, and you poems are outstanding. Hugs Vi