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POOP stories and various memories :)

Updated on May 11, 2011
OHH~ No everything but THIS
OHH~ No everything but THIS

POOPS stories

Uh lots of memories flow as I try to start this idiotic hub of mine. So we all have our dark memories with toilets. Well, I guess I’ll be bold enough to share mineThe whole concept of discipline was still new to me. But it intrigued my curiosity as well. My best memories were when going to the bathroom and making fun of the young kids (KG1) that used to share with us the bathrooms. Young kids would sit in the bathrooms leaving the doors open FOCUSING on POOPING the bad stuff out as they used to tell me. I mean what the heck? I used to pass by them each time, point my finger at them, laugh and do the undoable, by closing the doors shut. Once the doors are shut, the children would cry their lungs out. It was funny and it made me feel contented seeing those kids cry LOL. Yet,I never got to understand why children cried when the toilets were closed. “IT DIDN”T MAKE SENSE!

Well since our schools tend to torture us for like 14 years before they decide we are ready to take out own road through life, you tend to see lots of stuff. AND TRUST ME WHEN I SAY LOTS OF STUFF.

Poop Stories:

Yes this is all about poop and people and students pooping their pants. A friend of mine was sitting in class wearing this weird look on his face. I remember this weird look that said “Constipated ~stay back”

Out of curiosity I asked him what was going on, yet he plead that he knew NOTHING about what I was talking about. Two minutes later, the raids begin. Various forms of bombs and grenades start shooting in the air. The atmosphere becomes dense and unbearable. My friend who happens to be sitting beside me has his GUILTY face on, and as I try to look him in the eye to ask him about that, he blushes runs to the bathroom. He never came back that day to class. After a long “Please tell me” and begging, my friend told me that he tried to fart, but shit came out , so he SHARTED

Should I continue??

Well, in winter here it gets really cold and sometimes you can’t help the tummy pain, and in some NOT RARE cases you get the gases and the other STUFF! I head to the bathroom to find all the toilet cabinets occupied. It seemed to me that two close friends were sitting in the next cabinets. They were discussing colors. Yup Green for new babies, yellowish brown for sick babies on milk and brown non-solidified ones for those you have an ISSUE call RUN away tummy as they called it. Then some weird voices start to PLAY non-stop. The girl who seems to be losing the GAME calls to her friend “You’re such a SHOWOFF!!!!” After I knew what I came to know, I never saw the toilets the OLD way I saw them!


Well I guess from the beginning is the best answer. As for a starter, I was late for like one year to school, so I didn’t attend Kindergarten or anything, I was put in grade one. The whole school and discipline was a new thing to me and soon everything was going to change. On my first day, the teacher welcomed us in and introduced herself. She then began telling us that school will become a regular thing in our lives, and by time it will turn to be like our home. “School is like Your second home. You will meet friends, teachers and also learn lots about life!”

Later she asked us to talk about our summer, and how we spent it. When my turn came I stood with my head high and said:”Well my summer was good .” I was then cut my the Arabic teacher who told me in a very bold manner: “Well if you can’t speak in Arabic and respect that this is an Arabic period then don’t talk at all and keep your mouth shut.

Well that was a blast for a first day. I didn’t talk Arabic that much because we conversed at home in English since my mom was a foreigner and the whole FORMAL Arabic was even much harder. I had trouble connecting how my brain thought (which is in English ) to what I was trying to express in a different language. I was shocked by how mean people were just because you didn’t talk like ALL the others. In the coming later years, I barely spoke Arabic and though I aced all my tests in all subjects Arabic was a huge dilemma. Not until I reached grade seven, that I met a teacher that recreated the love of the language in my soul and taught me to explore the different aspects of that beautiful language. She and my sister were the first to encourage me to explore the ultimate and endless world of words in both English and Arabic language. By time I learned to grow that talent of mine and enjoy writing little stories in English and Arabic as well. I am glad to say that I can express myself in Arabic as well as I can in English and I can write effectively of a different par from other Lebanese students in both languages.

But as a look back at those times I laugh and say those were some of the happiest parts of my life. Sometimes it is the little things in life that bring us joy and keep us from falling into depression. The key is not to lose those little happy moments and summon them when feeling depressed.


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    • Uriel profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Lebanon

      Yeh Cris poop ain't a good sign for a new YEAR LOL ~ but as long as its a BLAST LOL :D

      Have a great new year and enjoy the holidays :D

    • Cris A profile image

      Cris A 

      9 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      I enjoyed this - not exactly the hub I would read to start the year but hey, a laugh's a laugh right? I have my own dark secrets but I'd rather flush them down the toilet and instead enjoy those by braver souls like you!

      Oh btw, happy new year to you and yours my friend!


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