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Poem: Life After Death

Updated on February 8, 2015

The Idea of Life and Death

It´s very plain and simple to explain the idea of life and death; we as humans, come from the dust, that is to say, that physically, we are part of the soil in this planet. When we reach certain age, we die and our physical bodies decompose and return to the soil.

The idea of the soul is more complex to explain and we have to inquire to sources of religion and phylosophy. So, humans complete a life cycle on earth and our bodies return to it, but the soul remains somewhere unknown.

This is a thought that has puzzled every civilization throughout human history and until now, no one has returned from the world of the dead to explain his or her experience.

What Lies Beyond?

Cemetery | Source

After Death

What lies beyond

Scrutinising beyond the painfulness of my skin

My spirit grows in disenchanting

If the flesh becomes Stone

Then, what about my soul?

Life After Death

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