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Updated on March 31, 2012

Pleasant breeze filled the balcony

And the river-like tresses flowed free

Hanging o’er the honey scented flowers

Where stood the old gardens and neem tree

Once the ripple of hair was lifted

Oh! Sheer delight to behold that face

Heavenly, dazzling beautiful, tender eyed

Rich reward to the soils of the gallant race

Luxuriantly adorned with rubies, diamonds

And every other rare gems, stones and jewel

But could it compare to the child-like princess

That resolute, upturned nose, sculpted, so well

Did you smile, love, could it be called so common?

Rather a rainbow, was it, whence poured forth rain

Have your lips been painted with those red roses?

In thy garden, that thy King would give thee, fain

How playfully you fondle that white dove

Innocent clad, every joy writ on thee

Could anyone have the heart to break to you

That which you never thought could ever be

Oh, why does your visage darken so

Why, those expressive eyes grow moist

Don’t you faint, love, nought shall happen

To break your heart, why, thy query, so weekly voic’d?

That is the tale, my dearest child, of Princess Thenmozhi

I have not the heart to tell thee, her final fate

She grew pale to her very lips, and smiled,

Not her sweet, bright smile, or one that beguiled

One so very unnatural for that shapely maiden

So full of youth and passion and boundless joy

But frenzied and frantic, she seized a knife

Verily, she did, gasp not, none know her strife

And she took up her lovely, darling dove

And stabbed her, and her white wings

Became tainted with blood, for she knew

The decree of the King, no mercy did she shew

For the decree was that any who maimed

Killed, or even harmed beast or brute

Would be beheaded, and, it happened

His own lady died , and an owl did hoot

The first visit of such a dark acquaintance

Ill omen had befallen the land, as she

Was dragged in submission to her own orders

Murdered, but her spirits shall never, restful be

Now you know why our suns are so bloody

So parching and harsh and ever vengeful

For even the skies weep for that lovelorn maiden

Outstripped of all her aura, so very graceful!


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