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Why Do You Write?

Updated on July 13, 2011

Use Of Profanity

I believe the purpose of writing any article is to get people to read it. That being said, why would any professional journalist intentionally shut out any readers by using profanity? Good writers don’t.

However, its’ become increasingly obvious, especially on the internet, that some people just don’t care who they offend with their use of profanity. I suppose, it could be worse. They could be including picture pornography in addition. That may be legal in the XXX adult rated sites where readers know what they are going to see and read. But there are many who come expecting to read something besides trash. Call it art if you want, but some things stink no matter what you call it.

This site for example, as far as I’ve seen, doesn’t cater to the obscenity crowd. On the other hand, I’ve recently come across similar pages who allow anybody to publish almost anything they want to say.

Plastered In The Headlines

Personally, it grinds my nerves when profane language is plastered in the headline or story title. I lose all interest in reading any further.

I may be a vanishing breed, having a moral character, but I don’t think I’m the only one who has this view. There are those who will disagree, I’m sure; claiming not allowing people to say what they want is a form of censorship. Profanity is one thing, censorship is another. Profanity is defined as cursing, swearing, bad language and simply being vulgar. Censorship, however, is the suppression of ideas, beliefs and personal individual thought…big difference.

Therefore, although people may have a legal right to spout any type of filth they desire, that doesn’t make it morally correct. If a writer feels the need to follow this course, at least publish the material where readers expect to see that brand of subject matter. There are many parents who do not want their children exposed to it. And a large part of society doesn’t want to see it either. This “large part of society” represents many readers, which in turn, converts into profits for writers.

There are some authors who may write for fun or as a hobby, but I believe the majority of them are fueled by a profit motive…nothing wrong with that. Its’ what makes the world “go round”.

So, why would any professional journalist intentionally shut out any readers? Good ones don’t.


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    • JY3502 profile image

      John Young 6 years ago from Florence, South Carolina

      I think they all write at hubpages now. :-)

    • Ms Dee profile image

      Deidre Shelden 6 years ago from Texas, USA

      Amen! Where have all the professionals gone?