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Novel-With Fiends like These:-Drama Violence Lust Dark Humour-By Dale Ovenstone

Updated on August 5, 2012

With Friends like These: The Day After: Mid August 2002

This is the first opening chapter from a set of 3 novels:

Dark Humour Violence Lust S*x!

Book 1: With Friends like These:

Book 2: Puppy Love-Drama on the Council Estate

Book 3: Salsa

Please enjoy the opening section of my first full length novel 'With Friends like These:' within the series, soon to be completed, I hope you find it interesting, I would love your feedback. (Let me know what you think)

Chapter One-The Day After: Mid August 2002

By Dale Ovenstone

All I remember is shear pain, like nothing I’ve experienced in all my life, my body boiling, banging, my head, my ears ringing, pumping, my mind exploding cursing the most violent headache I’ve ever experienced in all my life, coming to terms with the intense light surrounding me my eyes flickered from left to right, I couldn’t see properly I panicked.

The noises shuffling, the drone, humming, footsteps squeaking and the bland human murmurs & that drastic odour, disinfectant, I sniffed hard following the scent, forcing more air in, chemical, Yuk!

Suddenly, I heard a cough rolling my head in the direction blurriness turned into near clarity when I managed to make out the low toned voice, comforting, I felt safe right now my sight is coming back thank gaud, slowly, confused & hurting, but safe all the same, squinting, I focused onto the white coated man standing at the bedside. I raised my hand inch by inch.

“Boy, are you a lucky, lucky man, what is your name? “He enquired. Maybe, a lucky man I can only guess, maybe, because I was laying here & still alive, but, I don’t feel lucky right now.

He pushed gently down onto my shoulder as I attempted to shift upwards to speak. That’s when I felt the aches throughout my torso, running down my legs, my left arm, the limb was tearing apart I could barely move my hand dropped back downwards, resting onto the warm bed I was relaxed.

“Aw, my neck!” I moaned.

My good arm reached over & cradled the sore area, hoping to ease the sensation, I ran my fingers over my face, looked at the digits, WOW, I was shocked, blood all over my hand, I reached back up & inspected my matted head, carefully this time, something’s not right here, more blood, bumps, cuts, I moved onwards touching wide gashes as I gently ran my fingers across the uneven contours of my facial profile, bumps & gashes that never used to be there.

The doctor lent over towards the bedside table picking up the small vanity mirror he shoved the smudged glass right into my face. Wish he never I had the shock of my life!

I swallowed hard, on instinct, I was taken aback how can anyone be so cruel, how can another human being do such a thing to me I’ve never hurt a fly in my life my eyes opened wider, focusing, coming to terms with my ordeal as I scanned my face.

The lonely pain I was suffering at this instance my numb head lay on the pillow, lonely pain, sadness, deep down inside?

I continued to look I had a strange thought, the corners of my mouth turned slightly, upwards, into a hideous quirk at the sight before me, how could this be, NIKE, yeah, f*cking NIKE, huh, the famous logo, now even more famous, how’s this for advertising seeing someone’s trainer print embedded so deep, right into my forehead for the world to see, branded at last huh, & I was the advertising board, but the scary part was, my total head looked like a giant mashed potato how can I ever face the world again?

Swollen to twice the size as an ordinary face should be, bright red, dark red, cuts, scars, bruises black & blue & blood caked hairline cracks the thickness of card paper tracked nearly one hundred percent of my face & neck, I was in total awe.

My eyes glanced back at the doctor. “Whatever happened?” The tear expanded before welling up, trickling its new path down towards my cauliflower ear, I didn’t feel good. Oh no. He didn’t answer me; he put the mirror back & stared blandly at me, nodding his head, tutting, like it was my fault I was soiling his crisp white sheets with my bodily fluids.

I don’t remember a darn thing but I started to black out, panicking; my life was fading away, “what happened where am I?” I heard my own voice becoming shallow, softer, struggling, with each word I whispered. Pain surged through every cell of my body & the doctors voice drifted further and further.

“Emergency,” he called, “bring another dosage-QUICKLY!”

I lay in total darkness unaware that time had passed I can feel the eerie presence like I was looking down, from above, coming back around I opened my eyes, squinting at the flashlight from the camera directly above me when the intensity exploded into my mind. Pain is prominent but I had to bare it, drawn by the serious conversation of the two black suited strangers discussing my future as the doctor explained I could not possibly leave the hospital for a little while yet.

The older detective was too harsh, prodding my chest trying to stir me, get some sense out of me, against the demands of the caring white coated professional.

“You do realise,” he told me, in no uncertain terms, my eyes narrowed, locking onto his, “you could be banged up because of this, your crime committed is a very serious offence, we’re just waiting for the results to come through & I hope for your sake, Mr, it’s not serious!”

I stared hard, without blinking, strange, he wasn’t joking, his expression, his concern, his concern for what, I don’t know, I tried to smile, break the chill tormenting me but he was surely serious the atmosphere was thick with negativity I could sense it!

Locked up, locked up for what, what does he mean? What the f*ck is this dick on about I had to know?

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed but look below there's a bit more.


And here is a little teaser of a more sexual nature, a few paragraphs later on inside the same book. Hope you enjoy, please let me know

“Oh!” He stopped, looking towards me, “this is Joe!” She glanced over our eyes locked again I felt the sensation deeper this time; elegantly, she offered me her hand instantly, I took it.

“Hi, Carrie, how are you?” She smiled, forcing her hand away but I was reluctant to let go.

I smiled back. “I’m fine thank you; hear you’re a lap dancer? Haven’t met one of them before I must say!” She laughed. Hopefully, I think she likes me.

“Yep, got to earn a crust, pay the rent & all!” She swept up her fringe from out of her eye, taming her golden locks back into place where they belong she stepped over the guy sitting next to us, making her excuses to him. “So what’s your story then?” She slouched there, hands on her hips; waiting for my answer, she was gorgeous.

What does she mean, what’s my story? “Oh, what do I do,” I enquired, I suppose, that’s what she meant. I looked down & smirked, what should I tell her? A scientist, working on my latest project, saving humanity, getting mankind to Venus before the end of the world! Maybe a film producer employing girls just like you turning them into amazing actresses, after the sex of course! No I’ll just play it cool.

“Well, Carrie, I don’t normally give out information for free but,” I narrowed my eyes before completing my sentence, my pupils searing into hers, strangely, hers widening, “I drink beer, smoke cigarettes &,” I paused a second, “pulling birds just like you.” I looked at her seriously, I didn’t blink an eyelid!

Her eyes lit up she looked quite amused Karl bellowed, banging my arm “F*CK ME BRO, WHAT YOU LIKE?” He laughed.

Carrie fought for my attention now, “your funny mister,” & she’s right, I felt good inside, I certainly am funny. She smiled. Who’s the top kiddie now heh!

“So how old are you then?” She continued.

WHAT! I nearly chocked, I wasn’t expecting a question like this but Karl barged in to save the day.

“Uh, he’s nearly old enough to be your daddy let me tell you,” he exclaimed playfully, prodding her arm. I looked at him. Thanks mate, what a Pratt!

She wasn’t fazed instead; she looked back at me & smiled, squeezing my bicep, firmly, it felt good to be touched by a complete stranger so young, someone so sweet & so sexy. “Well you’re certainly fit I must say!”

What a remark, she does like me, must impress her with a quick fire answer keep the flow going, “Well, I must admit you got good taste.”

Should I go for it! F*ck it do or die YES I made contact! Cheekily, I squeezed her thigh, she giggled, didn’t even bat an eye lid, “wow, check your muscles you work out too?” She loved the attention.

I noticed a couple of fellows get up & leave our table, reluctantly, just when these two other guys approached, one was a little older than me, quite smart but rough looking the other chap was maybe Karl’s age, shaven head sour faced with some kind of self induced tattoo stamped scruffily onto the side of his face, they took the empty places, sitting down. Carrie glanced over, then back at Karl, quickly making her excuses. “Listen guys I got to go now, working till two tonight!”

Karl responded. “How about meeting up later,” She agreed, ‘maybe’ she said. She leant in & kissed him briefly on the lips. “How about Joe, he wants a kiss too!”

I was shocked! KARL, how embarrassing, I can pull my own date thank you very much! Glad he said it really! Don’t think I’d know where to start, never needed to ask girls if could kiss them but Carrie leant over, surprisingly, she was going for it, how nice. How wrong is this!

I reached out my hand, placing it onto the back of her neck smoothly pulling her head towards me fingering her nape, teasing the fine hairs her tender warmth excited me when our mouths finally connected. She moaned softly, kissing, slowly, gently shoving in her tongue rolling it around mine she was enjoying all we were sharing I mirrored her every single motion stirring sexual sensations I’d long forgotten about & right now, I never want this to stop I was in heaven.

Suddenly she broke away. “WOW, I’ve never done that with someone your age before, I must say you know how to kiss a gal!”

Amazing, cheeky bitch, I’ve had years of experience let me tell you young lady. Can’t believe she complimented me. This gorgeous young woman! Even more so, I was surprised that when I requested she rattled off her phone number, her fingers moved so fast tapping in the eleven magic digits into my mobile phone. She handed it back to me. I smiled & thanked her.

My gaze followed her sexy walk as she left the building; I knew she felt the same impact just like I did can’t wait to get hold of her later see what I can pull out of the bag. My very first hottie! Suddenly, any inferiority’s concerning pulling ladies left me right there & then my mum was right, I really have still got it, we'll see! All my troubles of being a single man began fading away!

Did you enjoy this short read?.I sure hope so. Please leave a comment, let me know your thoughts.


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    • Inspired to write profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale J Ovenstone 

      6 years ago from Wales UK

      Thank you April, how another person can do that to another? Mmm, maybe, just maybe, lots of persons all together can cause this situation so badly lol

      Glad you enjoyed the read, my aim is to want to keep all readers reading that's what I strive to do & for folk commenting I really feel I need to do this more & more so very much appreciated for your feedback.

    • red mermaid profile image

      red mermaid 

      6 years ago

      A good opening, kept me wanting to read more. People can associate with the anger of how one human being can vent such anger on another. Leaves the reader in suspense at what comes next. Very discriptive insight into the personal pain of the character. well done!

    • Inspired to write profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale J Ovenstone 

      6 years ago from Wales UK

      Thanks for your comment AnnieBeynon, got good ideas for this story been spinning around in my head for ages, I intend to make my first 'longer' novel, loads of drama on the council estate.

      Glad you enjoyed the read

    • AnnieBeynon profile image


      6 years ago from South Wales, UK

      Really good start Dale! amazing descriptive writing... Makes me want to keep on reading... Cant wait to read the rest! keep it up!


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