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Paddlin' down the Navasota

Updated on May 21, 2021
Navasota River
Navasota River | Source

"Wooo-ooo...I'm in a River!"

A Water Trek down a Texas River: "Paddlin' down the Navasota"

My Paddle pushes the water...again, again, and again,,,

I am at the mercy of the current, the wind, and the endless riverbend.

I paddle to gain splash at a time...

With each splash of water...I splash to clear my mind.

Further and further...down past the point...where there is no going back...

Only thing left is to push on...Close the distance...Stay on this track !

A nice gentle journey can become one set into rigid determination...

When your body is screaming...and your ego is left with no explanation.

All of the sudden....the adventure you decided to join for fun...

Can take on other you count each stroke of the by one.

Look at that hawk above...and obviously...that was an alligator gar...

Paddlin' downstream at the speed of walking...not getting anywhere fast...or very far.

Out...along the riverbanks...with a slowly changing view...

You paddle to the place inside...that somehow is a part of you.

Go a little further on...Don't worry about how you feel...

Life isn't always a cake walk...Sometimes taking up a just part of the deal !

Muscles ache...and I am way out'ta shape for this anyway...

Time to board back in your watercraft...This is what you signed up to do...right

Though in the scheme of things...this river trip has very little impact in life of who you are...

But there is no stopping...jump back in the kayak...after a short break along the sandbar.

If this has no measure of who I the final outcome...

Why...will I not rest until the end...and our journey is over and done ?

A small alligator is under the canoe nearby...

The tall riverbank is uncivilized the whole way...with a variety of birds in the sky.

A turtle every now and then...

A fish waves a I was his friend.

The wind pushes me to a complete standstill...

I recheck once again my spirit...My ability to assert my will.

I want to make it around the next bend up ahead...

I want to shoot a couple more small rapids...flowing over the shallow riverbed.

I have the time to just look around...

All is quiet but a splashing sound.

The sky is clear...a tree cracks and falls under eroding ground along the river side...

How many through time have paddled a river like this...there is no time...while on this ride.

Paddlin', Paddlin' and Paddlin'...some more...

Passing along miles of river shore,

There is nothing here but the water, some friends, and a timeless watercraft.

I stop to glide a water starts filling in from a slow leak...aft.

My back is so is making it difficult to paddle this boat another minute...

I'll be damned if I stop right now...or make it to our destination...without beng in it.

This is the water trek...I am on...this is the river trip I am on for today...

I will stay on this journey...and keep Paddling...though a few challenges stand in my way.

I have nice country air all around me...and plenty of cool water to splash my face...

What more can a man ask for...Paddlin' this point in time and at this place.

Not sure if there is a deep meaning to a is a test of my own personal battle.

Come and join a kayak ride down the Navasota River with me...Get ready to paddle, paddle, paddle!

Copyright © 2012 All Rights Reserved for "Paddlin' down the Navasota"

If you ever hear this music on a River...Paddle faster! (Theme music from "Deliverance"; 1972)

Pics From The "Water Trek" Down the Navasota River:

All Photos Taken By Ronald Rushing
All Photos Taken By Ronald Rushing

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