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Pain Pain Go Away

Updated on March 9, 2017
Pain Pain Go Away!

What have I done to deserve?

Such pain that is unimaginable?

Even if I run to the mountains

The marks of the past keep pursuing

Even I hide under the cave

The chaos of the mind is baffling

Away from me, away from me

You are a worthless thief

You took my joy, my joy

Away from me, away from me

What have I done to deserve?

This pain is consuming me

My Lord, My Lord, please be in a hurry

Rescue and send some help

I am being tortured and attacked

This pain is consuming me….


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    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 9 months ago from United States

      Your emotion is so well felt by what you have expressed, my friend. I can tell your message is from the heart. Blessings to you and we will hope for the best. whonu