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Pain is Love... (What if?...)

Updated on July 3, 2013

What If ???...

A Subliminal Message about Forgiveness

Once we, as human beings, mature as spiritual beings and begin looking at the world through the eyes of spirit, we learn to appreciate the pain-full lessons in life as much as we appreciate the joy-full ones. Eventually, we also learn to to forgive those who have had major roles in the the screenplays... for without those pain-full lessons, how else would we have gained the wisdom, compassion, and strength that we now carry so proudly in our countenance and express as our own unique brand of beauty???...

How would we have known the depth of our own compassion...had we not cried???...

or the power of our own strength... had we not fought???...

How would we have understood the need for forgiveness...had we not made mis-takes?

and how would we have healed from those mistakes...had we not been able to forgive ourselves?...

How could we forgive ourselves... had we not first learned 2 forgive others?

And if those we have forgiven had ever Offended us...In what way would the opportunities to 'learn' or 'practice' forgiveness have ever come about ???...

What if... to facilitate the lessons necessary for our spiritual growth the only reason why God allows these 'offenses' to happen???...

And what if these lessons are the required curriculum of life???...

What if life is but a dream???...

And what if the dream feels so real, that we all got stuck in it because we forgot that the only way to wake to remember to we agreed 2 do Before we accepted the 'roles' that we would play in one another's dreams once we fell asleep?...



There is a method to this madness, for the Most High works in mysterious, yet wholly loving ways...

♥{Forgive and continue to live...for those who facilitate the hardest lessons in your life...are baring the greatest gifts} ♥

~The Lady~

Copyright © 2013 Mcway, T.


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    • TheLady111 profile image

      TheLady111 4 years ago from The Vortex

      How R U on here without a profile? Who R U???

    • profile image

      findout 4 years ago

      Laurinzo is a gigolo spirit not a kindred spirit be very, very careful

    • TheLady111 profile image

      TheLady111 5 years ago from The Vortex

      Laurinzo... we are a Kindred Spirit. I knew that as soon as I read your work. Thank U for Reading!

    • Laurinzo Scott profile image

      Live To Write 5 years ago from Phoenix, Az.

      It is amazing that I used that exact same image on a hub of mine... and this hub is very thought provoking...

      Very wise words...

    • TheLady111 profile image

      TheLady111 5 years ago from The Vortex

      Thank U so much for reading!

    • profile image

      tobusiness 5 years ago

      This is beautiful and so very profound!..How would I have known the Depth of my Own compassion...had I not Cried??? every one of these a Pearl of wisdom. Very enlightening.