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Updated on October 19, 2009



Obesity struck them early
as they hung together

sharing limbs,
high up in the fruit tree,
they both occupied
in an unreachable space.

Wide hipped they were
a delectable sight
and all the hungry children
down below would cry,
"Oh, what a lovely pair,"
as they plucked the lesser nourished
and devoured them with fervor.
Life was sweet rainwater
and nutrients from the trunk
that costumed them in
yellow dimpled satin.

Neither understood
the gravity of their situation
till a sudden windstorm
rattled their heavenly place.

He chose to go first
promising he'd soften the blow
and then he let go.

She fell seconds later
and landed on his bruised thigh,
and wound up by his side.

Like a still life
they lay dappled

in the sun
life stilled.

Two days later

a stray dog
gobbled them both
and ran off.

Hours later

nature took it's course
and the huge pears

were nothing more
then seeds planted

in the midst
of canine fertilizer.

Years passed and then......

Obesity struck them early
as they hung together sharing limbs............



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    • Randy Behavior profile image

      Randy Behavior 8 years ago from Near the Ocean

      Was just discussing pears this morning, how I don't like them. Used to toss them to the bulls in the back field who thought they were delectable. Probably planted more little pear trees in their bull fertilizer, huh?