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Pansy's Paramour

Updated on May 16, 2012
Pansy's Paramour
Pansy's Paramour

(Love is what one feels and it is with the heart that one loves. In a world of appearances, deception is easy. It takes much more than a trained eye to sieve away the fake paramours. True love may not be attractive, but for the heart, it is indeed beautiful.)

Nathan nursed a lawn in spring,

An orchard it grew, fragrant breeze blowing,

Dubious stood he, of florets to rear,

Blooms in rose, daisy and daffodil ring

A paradise of chrysanthemums glowing,

Lily and Pansy at last he paired.

As common root two sisters beamed,

Though distant they swayed in melody.

Pansy, in youth glowed, her kin Rose more,

Beauty compared, in grace farther leaned,

Never was envy between them a malady,

They rose in reign, an allure folklore.

Pansy, the elder, prayed in wait

For her charming paramour to embrace,

Her cheeks flushed in dreams of him.

Rose, in barren hope she lay,

For beauty unseen, scent unique

Her lover in fame would reach to mate.

He fluttered a sunny day in glee,

Gauging in desire his bride to be

Enamored was he, her petals so soft

Lips in nectar beseeching love loft

His heart content by frame so pure,

Rose, his fantasy trance for sure.

Betrayed, she wept, Pansy, lonesome,

Agile butterfly, his coat so bright,

Would swarm in on Rose, his breath in hum.

His caress struck a chord, his kiss stung,

Pansy moaned her loss each dawn, cursed in might

She craved his love, onward tears she lunged.

An eyesore, he, perched atop a branch,

Onyx dew caged her beauty forever

His golden stripes coiled a form

So innocent in accent, so busy till dusk

Untiring, his love song he buzzed around,

Pansy, the rhythm of every heart pound.

A nuisance, Pansy saw, for days roving,

His pebble eyes scary as every Bee

So dark in demeanor, so lacking in beauty

Neither he smiled, his buzz shallow groaning

Nor she complained, his attacking speed

With greed he sucked, the honey mutely.

His assault so tender, yet harsh she felt,

Laying atop her, his buzz relentless

She lamented each day, her nightmare come true

Hairy limbs she loathed, hated love he pelt

She longed for the butterfly, amour selfless

Her nectar this curse though spared his crew.

A week in summer, Nathan’s son ran

In search of booty the garden housed,

Spying Rose so sweet, he rushed,

Snapping her off, he saw, unscathed flew her man,

Rose, in tears, despair roused,

She knew the butterfly had her heart crushed.

Pete, in hand groomed a bunch

Of Rose, Lily and Daffodil bloom,

Ultimate a treasure Pansy would be

Her tender stem he moved to punch.

Came buzzing her savior leaving no room,

Angry sting he granted, sign of rage loomed.

Cautious of omen draping her strong,

Pete decided against trespass,

The bee’s hum he heard so long,

After dropping his youthful lass.

Pansy in gratitude and love so pure

Beckoned her paramour she knew for sure.


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    • Clayton Fernandes profile image

      Clayton 5 years ago from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

      A masterpiece of the highest order!!!, more people need to read this epic portrayal. Very very cool indeed!.

    • silverstararrow profile image

      silverstararrow 5 years ago from India

      Thank you, aviannovice for your feedback. I really don't know how I missed your comment for so long.

      I'm flattered that you found this beautiful.

    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 5 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      This is absolutely beautiful, done with a gentle weaving like a spider's silk, but not with the same power to capture.