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Paper Thin Escape

Updated on July 15, 2014

Cut my skin
And break it in
It's a million needles
On paper thin

I scream in doubt
What have I done
I'm bleeding out
Sins I come from

I wrap my hand
Around my gun
Close my eyes
Bellow a hum

I'm dying now
The last thing I can do
Except bleed it out
While waiting for you

When you come
For me too late
Will you see the why
Or cry in vain

See me now
You discrace all that I do
Even now
I'm not good enough for you

After all I've said
After all I've been
Your mind set on me is
Paper thin

I'll bleed it out
The time's fell due
Paper thin
What's enough for you

Count the days
I gave you signs
Then you'll find
My reason why

I hid my doubt
Thought I'd have to stay
I'm leaving now
With a paper thin escape

©2014 Brandon Martin


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