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Paradigm shift: the powerful minds shall rise

Updated on January 3, 2015

A return that has never been expected

Success may sprout out of what everyone neglected

Fate has its own wonderful ways

Yet a dream and desire will shorten those arduous days

Think twice before you look down on someone and reject

Open up your mind, help out and see whether you are able to gain real respect

Quit boasting of your fake fame and power

It is equal to nothing when compared to a brilliant mind tower

That spreads the message of hope, love and a brilliant life

Of treasures that can't be stolen, no need to threaten anyone with a knife

Human? Do you really believe to be that mentally advanced?!

Foster the dreams and peace in your mind, than claim you are a lifeform greatly enhanced

You are lost in a purposeless confusion

Desperately seeking solace in your staged greatness, yet another illusion

Take away your filthy richness and paid mistress

You are left with a fat belly ignorance and hopelessness

Remember to respect those who struggle in economic poverty

Yet stay positive and build spiritual prosperity

So make the choice now, work for the world and change

Than true friends, happiness and real love may once again be within your range

What you give to the ones who you truly appreciate,

Shall be infinitely returned to you with a key to a new gate.


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