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Paranoia Times Eight.

Updated on October 31, 2009

Paranoia Times Eight.



No one knew what lay ensconced

inside the box that day,
stuffed between the last seats,

this container scuffed with dirt.
on subway 66, northbound in Washington D.C.
crammed with worried passengers,

each of them staring back,
at this threat left there,

in times of red alerts.

Stranger still the noises

that it made against the floor,
unearthly howls with scrabbles

and soft moaning from it rose,
many noted how it moved

as if it were alive,
yet no one ran to see just what

its contents would disclose.

Two ladies dialed up nine one one,

while many others froze,
in poses of confusion,

nervous glances and despair,
till one young girl slipped casually
between the masses poised,
to lift the four sides of its lid
and see what waited there.

Like pandora's box,

each traveler knew her curiousity,
might damn them all to evil

in her quest for its mystique,
but she was a smart farm girl

who was real sure of her hunch,
that what she'd find within that box

was was truly worth a peek.

One nervous rider leaped up

and he shouted, "Stay away!"
while others ducked their heads,

cringing below their padded seats,
but no one ever thought to make

a move to block her path,
from the darkness dimly

lit beneath the streets.

With a soft soprano cry
she gave a sigh and then reached down,
all around her there arose communal gasps,
till she turned to them with a bright smile
and showed them what she'd found,
two tiny, furry puppies gently clasped.

The box contained a mother dog,

most likely just a stray,
that someone chose to

dump upon the train,
with five more puppies snug

against her side sucking away,
voraciously at her warm milk buffet.

Eight people left that subway train

with very happy smiles,
One took the runt and also took the mom,
while seven more so carefully

wrapped tiny bits of love,
inside the coats or sweaters they wore on.

No bombs, no death, no terrorists,

just simply nature's course,
crossed paths with humans

who back home were headed,
A dog day afternoon that

at the finish turned out fine,
the last man out left with

that box so dreaded.

He threw it in a trash can

with a rather silly grin,
this cardboard monster

oh, so overblown.
then he moved on through

the huge crowds,
of new riders shuffling in,
for a much more boring ride,
then what he'd known


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