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Paranormal Romance Novels by Jayne Ann Krentz

Updated on December 14, 2015
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A retired teacher/librarian, Yvonne loves to read and also enjoys recommending good books for both children and adults.

Jayne Ann Krentz

Also writes as Amanda Quick
Also writes as Amanda Quick | Source

Arcane Society Novels

Jayne Ann Krentz (aka Amanda Quick and Jayne Castle) has been entertaining readers of paranormal romance and mysteries with the Arcane Society novels since Second Sight (Arcane Society Book 1) was published.

As with mega author, Nora Roberts, Krentz often writes in trilogies. She was first known for her romance fiction, but being more a fan of science fiction, fantasy and mysteries, I did not read her books until I discovered the Arcane Society.

Arcane Society books are written in two time periods, with Krentz authoring the ones in modern times and Amanda Quick, writing the ones which take place during Victorian times, when the Arcane Society was first founded by the Jones clan, a family of very strong talents.

The newest of the Arcane society books (as well as the other books of Krentz and Quick) contain some of all four of my favorite genres. First, you'll find a good mystery, which is investigated by talented (paranormal) detectives. Next, science fiction/fantasy with secret labs, dark energy artifacts, special powers and scientists (both good and evil). And finally, it throws in a good romance between the hero and heroine, so that you go away feeling happy.

Arcane Society Book Trailer Video

In Too Deep

The latest Arcane Society series is called the Looking Glass Trilogy and the first book, "In Too Deep, is a real winner. The main characters of this enthralling book are Fallon Jones, head of Jones & Jones Investigation Agency and Isabella Valdez, new J & J assistant and investigator, who brings order to the headquarters of the agency in tiny, secluded Scargill Cove, California.

A routine investigation uncovers some dangerous Arcane Society artifacts, as well as secrets about the history and people of the Cove. Fallon and Isabella must solve the the mystery of the dark artifacts which are linked to both the Jones family business and Isabella's family tree.

If you enjoy the paranormal, mysteries and romance novels, then you'll enjoy reading In Too Deep and the other Arcane Society novels.


Quicksilver, Book 2 of the Looking Glass Trilogy (by Amanda Quick) is out and I enjoyed it immensely.

It is set during Victorian Times and is about Virginia Dean, a glass light reader and Owen Sweetwater, hunter talent and founder of the Sweetwater Agency. Quicksilver reveals how some of the dark artifacts which were discovered in book 1 were created.

We also learn about the Sweetwater clan and their secrets. I predict that this trilogy is going to be my favorite.

Book 3 of the Looking Glass Series

Canyons of Night is about the descendants of the Arcane Society that colonized another planet where everyone has power. Many of the same families are there solving mysteries and encountering danger on a mysterious island where "the ancients", an alien civilization which once inhabited the planet, had a biology lab of sorts. I enjoy reading about this futuristic world.

Dreamlight Trilogy

I really enjoyed all three books of the Dreamlight Trilogy.

The first book, Fired Up, by Jayne Ann Krentz, is set in modern times. A Winters family heirloom, a rather odd looking lamp, has been misplaced and must be found as soon as possible. Jack Winters seeks the help of a female private detective who is also a talented Dreamlight reader, to find the lamp before it is too late.

Arcane Society Dreamlight Trilogy Book 1

Book 2 - Burning Lamp

Book 2, Burning Lamp, by Amanda Quick, is set in Victorian times. A crime boss and member of the Winters clan, has tracked down the powerful dreamlight reader that he needs to help him control the lamp and his own powers. There are many twists and turns to this interesting tale.

Book 3 - Midnight Crystal

Book 3, Midnight Crystal, by Jayne Castle, is set in the future on a planet called Harmony, which was colonized by many members of Earth's Arcane society. In this future world, a Winters man again seeks the help of a strong dreamlight talent woman, but this time, a Jones is partnered with a Winters to work the lamp. In this book we find out whether the curse of Nicholas Winters to destroy the Jones clan from the grave is true.

© 2011 Yvonne L. B.

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    • BrendyMac profile image

      BrendyMac 6 years ago

      I'm an avid reader of books...3 per week on average!!Following your advice I will look for Jayne Ann Krenz's work in our local bookstore!! I love fantasy novels and I adore triogy's...I love a story continuing to several books.

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 6 years ago from Minnesota

      I've heard of this author before but never got to reading her. I look forward to checking out the mysteries. I soo love mysteries. Thanks for the great reviews:)