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Particle Reconnection

Updated on March 24, 2016

Indefinite quarks explode out of a
cinema hall
where an autistic audience were
viewing a movie about the
origin of the most precise of
atoms in a closed-system
universe of unlimited light speed,
values that color-shift
under an expanding horizon
of pure nothingness, devoid of this most precise of atoms.

It begins one morning
under the influence of tea
and undernight alcohol, that one should have a duplicate...

Colorstorm gushes out from the walls
of a hotel by scenic hills, under gasly skies too
cold to be inhaled by undrugged
lungs, images to lightful
to be looked at...

I came out around the
street around 5pm, trying to decode familiar
faces out of an ocean of bottlenose sharks
looking for the bloodmarks
of an injured whale; -it passed pretty
quickly, under the absurd silence
of falling and rising electromagnetic
spectrums' signal
dying away, being overriden
by Titanic themesong...

It waits, till it understands
the matrix--

till it discovers a predefined
fracture inside the neucleus's

it shoots through the veils
to arrive where it
belonged once, where it wept as a child,

where it first experienced
the flooding ocean of visible radiation.

© 2016 Rodeon


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