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Past as present

Updated on April 13, 2011

Don't live in your past

Your past. Something very hard to forget. How can we ever forget what made us who we are now. Some of us are good some of us are bad. But it's all thanks to our past. Have you ever thought of letting it go? Ofcourse you have. Well, depending on what it is. But for most of us, it's like letting go of life. Our past is most of our percentage. It might be our whole self's. Yes, if you had a bad past, you'll probably hear, "Just let it go!" And really, you should. But have you ever heard, "Stop living in your past"? There is a difference. It's not only that you're not letting go, it's also that you're living in it. You're making your past become your present. When you're acting the same way as you did in your past, then your past WILL most likely repeat itself. It won't be no curse, and it won't be anyone else's fault. You made the decision to live in your past. The best thing to do is to not let it happen again. If it is a bad thing, then don't allow it to repeat itself. Simple as that. I can guarantee that if start a NEW life, your past will no longer be your present.


Funny how love can be confused with obsession. Funny how you can see when others are obsessed but you can't see when you are. Funny how you realize the confusion, but too late. Why let this happen? Why do unnecessary things for something you'll lose either way?Love doesn't make you suffer. An obsession may never be a good thing. Don't be scared to lose what wasn't meant for you. Your life will stay with only what it needs. And you shouldn't be afraid to accept that.


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