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Past Midnight’s Fling (poem)

Updated on June 22, 2016

The clock strikes one

Far from the sun

The madness past midnight

Has just begun


Let loose the light

Which blurs from sight

Melodious movement

Of our delight


Toward sultry scent

Our purpose bent

To flavor forever

In time well spent


With all

The glorious kisses

There’s nothing between us

That cannot be shared



The lingering silence

With feelings so intense

Still two lovers dared


As we confer

Our bliss to stir

To places predisposed

For lover’s myrrh


Our eyes are closed

Senses exposed

To lavish our longing

With sweet repose


Let fall

No secrets to hold back

Our love remains intact

In passion ensnared



Our moment in pleasure

Let all else surrender

Two lovers declared


The clock will ring

Our hearts still sing

While utterly undone

Past midnight’s fling


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