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Pastors don't know everything

Updated on November 17, 2014

Just a man but God s likeness

  • Churches have professionals who can improve the manner in which churches are run.Some members know better than their pastors in so many things.
  • Pastors should learn to acknowledge and utilize what God has given them in their members,Pastors should start using the expertise and knowledge possessed by their members.
  • Some members are good with managing finances,some are good with counseling and some are good with influencing others towards the achievement of the vision of their church.
  • Pastors need to just give them a chance to prove themselves,However members need to know the boundaries,members don't have to push their opinions as if the pastor has run out of ideas.
  • Give an input,don't be pushy,if you keep on giving inputs that are not re-guested by the pastor then they are no longer inputs but attempt to lead your pastor,can you afford to lead your pastor?
  • Pastors need appreciation and prayers,when God directs the pastor to do something in the church and the manner in which to do it,the pastor may not re guest for inputs.
  • Remember,people can only support what they know;and therefore as pastors we need to share our vision to our members,people want to know where they are taken to;and they support what they had created.


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      catholic church doesn't have pastors, we have priest, so different concept

    • Divine S Hamese profile image

      SAMMY HAMESE 3 years ago from JHB

      Prayers for all nations,Father God help us do the right things whch is your pefect Will amen.

    • Divine S Hamese profile image

      SAMMY HAMESE 3 years ago from JHB