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Patience - One of The Greatest Strength of Humans

Updated on May 20, 2020
Kh swati profile image

An author and a writer with a different approach to life. Covid 19 can surely check our patience but we will never give up.

It is a dedicated effort

What is patience? It is a self-confident, relentlessly dedicated and conscious effort to achieve a specific goal. A person of patience is neither overjoyed in happiness nor bitter criticism of others disappoints him. Whatever the field of a person is, if he wants to achieve his goals and touch the heights of success in life, then it is very important for him to be patient. If someone asks you what patience is, maybe your first answer will be the power of suffering? It is true that the power to endure pain in a calm manner is also a form of patience, but only this cannot be given the name of endurance. In fact, it is an essential value of life. In this, both spiritual and physical goals are attained. Even if one is unaware of the mistrust of spiritual values in one's mind, every behaviour of a person includes such values to some extent. In fact, spirituality is an important part of our life, which we cannot separate from ourselves even if we want to.

Earth -A Symbol of Patience

The existence of this world also rests on patience, the earth is a true proof of this. She bears the burden of all while tolerating the good and bad behaviour of all beings in the world. Therefore, the earth is called mother. In family life, there can be no other person more tolerant and patient than mother. She is ready to bear all kinds of sorrows for the happiness of her children. Not only this, but patience is also necessary for a person in social life. Whether it is a student or a teacher, the master or the labourer's, neighbour or a relative, in his social life, the person also tolerates some other things or habits that he dislikes in others. It is very important to maintain peace and happiness in life. Similarly, for success in career, it is very important to have good patience. When we are really patient, we will not have negative emotions like jealousy and vengeance. Although the arrival of negative thoughts and feelings is also natural in one's mind, but when we have a spiritual outlook, then we will be able to easily recognize the difference between good, bad and right. This is the only way to reach the ultimate goal of life. Sometimes patience can cause a little bit of a problem. If we keep our mind balanced then it will be easy for us to accept and bear this pain. By rising above our likes and dislikes, we can achieve a new level of awareness and an incomparable power.

The light of God enters our hearts through this pain. Patience leads a person to mental purity without any vengeance. This drives him to true devotion to God but it is not a quick process. Nothing happens fast in life. For this, patience and self-sacrifice are necessary. If we love our goals and determination then the power to overcome every difficulty that comes in the path of our happiness will come naturally within us.

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” Aristotle

A Gift of God

To have unlimited faith in God, we need to move forward in life without fear of failure or difficulties. Even if you believe in the principle of reincarnation, you should not bring negative thoughts in your mind that I must have committed a sin in the previous life, due to the curse, this life has become so sad for me. Rather we should see our life as a blessing. God has given us a precious gift. We must think "God has sent me here to think positively and do good deeds. Therefore, using intelligence and wisdom, I will develop the ability to endure every difficulty in my life. This life of mine is precious, I will try to make myself spiritually strong and my mind as vast as this universe."

You too must have heard good people say that time teaches man everything but in reality, it is not so. The bittersweet experiences we get in every phase of life and the difficult situations we face also teach us a lot. Lessons learned from life experiences, rather than bookish knowledge, are remembered for the whole life. Experiences from life itself determine the behaviour of a person, then it is decided on the basis of which, whether we are strong or weak.

Sometimes no matter how quiet a person looks from outside, the fire of anger is burning in his mind. One should understand that when he does this, all the anger remains within him. We cannot call this a true patience because here one does not dare to admit his shortcomings and weaknesses. When we constantly suppress our negative feelings inside, a situation also comes when suddenly they explode, such negative things destroy our happiness and relationships.

Power of Soul

Just think what is our existence on this earth?

A small human body, two small hands, some extremely limited limbs, what we can accomplish with our hands, what we can see with our eyes, we can hear with our ears, then the scope of our intelligence is very limited but what about life. What do you think? It is like an infinite ocean. Do we have the power to cross the infinite ocean of life with these two small hands and small bodies?

If we think of crossing this ocean, solely on the basis of our body, then this insignificant body is too small for this big task. We cannot cross the ocean of the world alone. Therefore it is said that we should believe in the power of our soul i.e. true self-power.

This life is infinite, similarly, my soul is also endless. There is a need to maintain this belief in life, this belief makes our mind strong. On the strength of this, we are able to accept everything without any prejudice, while being sympathetic to happiness and sorrow. You must have seen some small creatures that do not have legs and arms. Still, by crawling only he climbs the mountains. Similarly, even though our body is small, when we develop faith in our true self, we can slowly get closer to God.

If we have the right behaviour and belief, miraculous changes can happen even in the odd circumstances of life.

When we lose confidence in ourselves, many situations of life can be very difficult for us, in such a situation, we need to wait a bit. If we keep our patience, we can move even higher and higher mountains with the grace of God.


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