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Patient Zero: A Clever and Different Apocalypse Tale

Updated on September 20, 2017

Patient Zero by Tanavarive Due

Patient Zero

I have quite a collection of books on my shelf. But I’m not ready to dive into a 500 page book just yet. So I thought I would return to my 18th edition of The Year’s Best Science Fiction. The short story this time is Patient Zero, by Tanavarive Due.

The story is interesting piece that ultimately ends up being an end of a world tale told through eyes of a ten year old in quarantine. It takes a Flowers for Algernon approach as a number of diary entries written by the child. Slowly it is revealed he is not just immune but is a carrier of the disease. He tells about his experiments and slowly realizes what is really happening outside of the walls he is confined to.

The good? This is brilliantly written. The lingering mystery and suspense is done great here. The pacing itself is wonderful.

The bad? There is not much to complain about. Sure, I wanted the story to go on, but that isn’t much of a complaint.

Overall, this is a wonderful little read. If you stumble upon it, read it. It’s nothing extraordinary plot wise. But it’s done so darn well that you’ll enjoy it.

Overall Rating : A Clever and Different Apocalypse Tale

4 Smoothies out of four

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