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Amanda's Little Horsey

Updated on September 10, 2022
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author who loves to share her children's stories with her readers!

Amanda loved horses and she would play with her horsey toys all day long. She had a special wooden rocking horse her dad brought her for her birthday last year, which she placed on a sunny windowsill in her bedroom. She rode her horsey every morning before heading to school and right after dinner. She loved to swing back and forth and enjoyed the thrill.

Her little brother would watch her play and wondered why Amanda didn't want to play with him. Perhaps, it's because he's a boy he thought. Or possibly my sister for some reason or another doesn't like me. And Larry felt lonely.

Amanda Ignored Her Brother

Every day Larry begged Amanda to play with him! However, she flat out refused. She ignored him and quickly shut the door of her bedroom. Amanda lived in a fantasy world in her quaint bedroom. Besides, her lovely rocking horse, she possessed a typewriter, a sewing machine, a record player and heaps of children's books along with a large pink desk her daddy had specially built for her. She also had colorful clothes, which she kept neatly arranged in a closet.

Whenever Amanda was out either grocery shopping with her dad or at the mall with her mom, Larry quietly sneaked into her beautiful playroom to read the lovely children's books neatly arranged on a superb shelf. And as he read he made believe he was riding a real horse and rocked her wooden horsey fiercely. Larry secretly desired to be an equestrian and to perform in a derby.

Larry Hurt Amanda's Horsey

Larry accidentally broke the horsey's wooden leg as he violently rocked back and forth. He was surprised and afraid. What was he to do? He ran to get some glue and a bandage and he quickly mended the horse's leg. He hoped Amanda wouldn't notice and so he painted its leg to match the color of his mane.

Luckily, Amanda came home dressed as an adorable angel and she didn't notice her horsey's leg. She was competing in a contest for a school prize and she was engulfed in having to memorize tedious lines of monologue.

Amanda Vowed Never to Play with Larry

That night right after dinner, Amanda sat on her favorite horse to gently ride it and its back leg snapped off. She couldn't believe it! She looked around and found a bandage. Hum, she thought this must be the work of my little brother.

“I'll fix him for good!” She cried out Larry's name and he came skipping into her bedroom, happy as a lark.

"You did this, didn't you?"

"Well, yes, how else could I capture your attention? You're always ignoring me, Amanda!

"I am never going to play with you, Larry!"

Papa Came Home with a Real Horse

Their Papa heard them bickering and decided to buy a real horse for Amanda. What else could he do? Her rocking horse was broken and she always received excellent grades in every class subject except math. Larry wasn't old enough for school yet. He was barely learning how to express himself.

And so, Amanda's dad surprised her with a beautiful horse the next day. He came home with it and placed a large red bow around its neck and hid it in the garage.

Amanda and Larry Rode the Horse Named Rider

Their mother believed this was a grand idea! She hoped her children would hastily make amends and learn how to take turns riding a real horse.

Amanda and Larry were terribly excited when they saw the horse and desired to ride it. Given, Amanda was the oldest she had the opportunity to ride it first. She put on her riding gear and blissfully hopped on the horse. She named him Rider because he looked like one! With her dad guiding her and Larry watching, she elegantly meandered along a cycle path in the woods.

Amanda Kicked the Horse and Larry Fell Off

When it was Larry's turn, he gallantly leaped on the horse and patted its back. He hoped to race down the street. His dad told him to take it easy and Amanda grew jealous. She blatantly kicked the horse in the rear and Larry fell off the horse and scraped his knee. He started to cry.

Their dad couldn't believe how mean-spirited Amanda was.

"Now, Amanda you go to your room," Daddy hollered.

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Amanda Was Not Allowed to Ride Rider for a Year

Later, Daddy had a long discussion with Amanda. She felt remorseful and her dad said she wouldn't be allowed to ride Rider for an entire year. This was her punishment for her terrible behavior.

Larry Won His First Derby

Larry enjoyed Rider every day when the weather permitted and he grew into a fine equestrian. He wasn't bothered by the fact that Amanda didn't want to play with him because he had Rider. He loved Rider and spent heaps of time with it. Mommy discovered a derby in the heart of town and enrolled Larry to participate. Larry was a pro even at his young age and to everyone's surprise, he won his first horse race.

© 2014 Sheila Craan


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