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Paul Is Dead Part 2

Updated on April 30, 2010



Circa Mid-Sixites. Aerial shot through CGI, flies down to an Aston Martin Convertible careening through red lights on the deserted early morning autumn streets of Islington. Car passes by an Islington street sign. Continue to fly into car.


PAUL MCCARTNEY is driving the car erratically, and in an inordinately good mood. By the fixated gaze in his dilated, sunken eyes, he is high on a cocktail of narcotics. He takes a swig from a bottle of Jack Daniels. Camera tilts down to see the real source of PAUL’s good mood. A lovely young blonde in the passenger seat is leaned way over and has her head firmly between PAUL’s legs and is giving him oral sex while he drives.

Oh, yeah... yeah... Rita baby that’s it... yeah...

Camera tilts back up and zooms into the dashboard mounted clock. It’s 4:57 am. Camera zooms back then flies out of the car.


Camera returns to high overhead the speeding Aston Martin then tilts to the horizon and begins a high suborbital arc. The British Isles fall away from the camera as it soars over a moonlit Atlantic. Soon, the huge island of Newfoundland flashes under the camera as it lowers its arc to follow the St. Lawrence Seaway into Lake Ontario and the Mid-Sixties skyline of Toronto, dominated by the Royal York Hotel. Camera whizzes past the hotel to settle down a few miles west. A large auditorium lies on a wide boulevard. Camera passes an Islington Blvd. sign. The auditorium is alive with music and crowd noises. Camera flies in.


The stage is packed with applauding fans. Camera flies past the wall-mounted clock. It’s 11:57 pm in this time zone. A huge banner is festooned across the proscenium: "1050 CHUM RADIO - PAUL MCCARTNEY LOOKALIKE CONTEST - 1966." On the stage are six young men, all sporting moptops and Beatle suits and holding their basses left-handed. The MC, JUNGLE JAY, is cranking up the crowd.

Hey Toronto Beatle Fans! You’ve seen ‘em, you’ve heard ‘em and in a minute you will get to decide which one of these great young musicians is the winner of 1050 CHUM’s Paul McCartney Lookalike Contest! Here’s your last chance to listen before you vote! Hit it boys!

The six young men step up to the front of the stage and begin to take turns on the vocals as the band plays "She Loves You."


In the midst of the screaming and clapping crowd "grooving" to the enthusiastic rhythmic impersonations of the Fab Four, a lovely, winnowy, mod girl is holding the hand of a fretting Scottish older lady in the front row, almost getting drowed out by the crowd reaction to the six PAULs.

Continued In Paul Is Dead Part 3

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